Unit 32 - Talking about different times of the year

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Mairead: An toigh leat an geamhradh?
Do you like the winter?
Iain: Is toil. Bidh mi a’ sgitheadh.
Yes. I go [will be] skiing.
Mairead: Nach eil am fuachd a’ cur dragh ort?
Doesn’t the cold upset you?
Iain: Chan eil idir.
Not at all.
Mairead: Is fheàrr leam blàths an t-samhraidh.
I prefer the warmth of summer.
Iain: Is toigh leam an samhradh cuideachd. Ach chan eil e an-còmhnaidh blàth!
I like summer as well. But it’s not always warm!
Mairead: Tha sin fìor. Agus tha na meanbh-chuileagan ann.
That’s true. And there are [the] midges.
Iain: Leis an fhìrinn innse, ’s e an t-earrach as fheàrr leam.
To tell the truth, it’s spring I like best.
Mairead: Tha an t-earrach math. Oir tha an aimsir a’ fàs nas blàithe.
Spring is good. Because the weather is growing warmer.
Iain: Agus tha na lusan a’ fàs.
And the plants are growing.
Mairead: Agus tha a’ chuthag ann.
And the cuckoo is around.
Iain: Is toigh leam òran na cuthaig.
I like the song of the cuckoo.
Mairead: Dè do bheachd air an fhoghar?
What’s your opinion of the autumn?
Iain: Is toigh leam am foghar cuideachd.
I like autumn as well.
Mairead: Tha am foghar math dha-rìribh.
Autumn is fantastic.
Iain: Ag ithe smeuran...
Eating brambles [blackberries]...
Mairead: Ach tha an aimsir a’ fàs nas fhuaire.
But the weather is growing colder.
Iain: Agus tha na h-oidhcheannan a’ fàs nas fhaide.
And the nights are growing longer.
Mairead: Tha. Cha toigh leam sin.
Yes. I don’t like that.
Iain: Ach – là grianach foghair – chan eil càil nas fheàrr.
But – a sunny autumn day – there’s nothing better.
Mairead: An e am foghar an ràith as fheàrr leat?
Is autumn the season you like best?
Iain: ’S e – ach is toigh leam a h-uile ràith.
Yes – but I like every season.

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