Unit 16 - Expressing hope and expression

Tha mi an dòchas gum bi "I hope so"

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This unit introduces you to some vocabulary and phrases which will allow you to make comments about your hopes or expectations. One important word is dòchas (expectation, hope). The phrase tha dòchas ann means “there is hope” (which there always is for Gaelic learners!) In the following conversation, you will come across phraseology which looks strange to the unaccustomed eye, as it uses a double negative.

Here is how it works. If you can master it, the listener will think you extremely accomplished.

A bheil Seonaidh ann an Glaschu?
Is Johnny in Glasgow?
Cha chreid mi gu bheil.
I don't think so.
A bheil e ann an Obar Dheathain
Is he in Aberdeen?
Cha chreid mi nach eil.
I think so.

You will see that the final statement "cha chreid mi nach eil" means literally "I don't think that [he] isn't". This is a natural Gaelic phraseology in informal situations. Look out for it in the following conversation. Note also the way we say "me also" with a repetition of the verb: e.g. "tha mi sgìth" ("I am tired"), "tha is mise" ("me too").

Transcript 1

Now listen to Iain and Seònaid, who are talking about going to a concert.

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