Welcome to the wonderful world of Caraidean, which means 'Friends' in Gaelic, a new online soap where you control what happens! Join Mata and Màrsaili each week to listen to a new Gaelic phrase and decide what course their lives take.

The storyline with the most votes will be used the following week. Use the voting options at the bottom of the page to cast your vote. This vote will close on Monday the 13th of July at 12 noon and the results, along with the new episode, will be published on 12 noon the following Thursday. Be sure to come back and visit Mata to find out what happens next! This vote complies with the BBC's policy on voting and competitions.

Episode 7

Marsaili took up Mata's offer and she has gone on a blind date with Mata's friend. They seem to be getting on quite well, but Marsaili wonders if he is the man for her, or whether her perfect man is still out there. They seem to be getting on well and he suggests another date.

Fionnlagh and Marsaili

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