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Why not try out these simple Gaelic greetings with your friends?

Ciamar a tha thu? How are you?
Tha mi gu math, tapadh leat. I'm well, thank you.
Ciamar a tha thu fhèin? How are you yourself?
Ciamar a tha thu an-diugh?How are you today?
Madainn mhath. Good morning.
Feasgar math. Good afternoon.
Oidhche mhath [when leaving].Good night.

Alternatively, you could try out one of these simple ice breakers:

Tha i brèagha an-diugh. It's beautiful today!
Tha i àlainn! It's gorgeous!

In any language, it’s always nice to remember your manners.

Tapadh leat. Thank you.
’S e do bheatha. You're welcome.

Here’s how to ask where somebody’s from – and how to reply

Cò às a tha thu?Where are you from?
Tha mi à Lunnainn.I'm from London.
Tha mi às an Eilean Sgitheanach.I'm from the Isle of Skye.

Here’s how to introduce yourself:

Is mise Ailean.I'm Allan.
Is mise Debbie.I'm Debbie.
Dè an t-ainm a th’ ort? What's your name?

And some other phrases you might have occasion to use:

Tha thu laghach.You're nice.
Tha e math a bhith beò. It's good to be alive.
Tha gaol agam ort. I love you.
Is toigh leam an ceòl seo. I like this music.
Tha blas math air seo. This is tasty.
Dè ghabhas tu? What'll you take to drink?
Gabhaidh mi fìon. I'll have wine.
Mas e do thoil e.If you please.
Tapadh leat. Thank you.
Mòran taing. Many thanks.
Ceud mìle taing.A hundred thousand thanks.

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