A short A-Z of useful Gaelic phrases.

If you are looking for a quick phrase to say, why not browse the phrasebook. It's crammed with sayings, words and phrases from the units.

  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e
  6. f
  7. g
  8. h
  9. i
  10. j
  11. k
  12. l
  13. m
  14. n
  15. o
  16. p
  17. q
  18. r
  19. s
  20. t
  21. u
  22. v
  23. w
  24. x
  25. y
  26. z

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  1. Wednesday
  2. Diciadain
  3. we are Scots
  4. ‘s e Albannaich a th’ annainn
  5. website
  6. làrach-lìn
  7. we don't have children at all
  8. chan eil clann againn idir
  9. were you?
  10. an robh thu?
  11. were you at home yesterday?
  12. an robh sibh / thu aig an taigh an-dè?
  13. what are you doing today?
  14. dè tha sibh / thu a' dèanamh an-diugh?
  15. what are you listening to?
  16. cò ris a tha thu ag èisteachd?
  17. what day is it?
  18. dè an là a tha ann?
  19. what fun!
  20. abair spòrs!
  21. what's doing with you? (lit. "at you")
  22. dè tha a' dol agad?
  23. what sport do you like best?
  24. dè spòrs as fheàrr leat?
  25. what's your name?
  26. dè an t-ainm a th’ oirbh / th’ ort?
  27. what will you have?
  28. dè ghabhas tu?
  29. where are you from?
  30. cò às a tha sibh / thu?
  31. where are you?
  32. càit’ bheil sibh / thu?
  33. where is the toilet?
  34. càite a bheil an taigh beag?
  35. where will I sit?
  36. càit’ an suidh mi?
  37. whisky
  38. uisge-beatha
  39. will I open the window?
  40. am fosgail mi an uinneag?
  41. will it be Tuesday tomorrow?
  42. an e Dimàirt a bhios ann a-màireach?
  43. will you be in church tomorrow?
  44. am bi sibh / thu anns an eaglais a-màireach?
  45. will you be working tomorrow?
  46. am bi sibh / thu ag obair a-màireach?
  47. will you have anything to eat?
  48. an gabh sibh dad ri ithe?
  49. with best wishes
  50. le deagh dhùrachd
  51. we didn't close the door
  52. cha do dhùin sinn an doras

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