Stephen Rule


Don't panic! English follows the Gaelic!


Stephen wrote his profile in Gaelic! It may not be perfect, but as he gave it a go, we have left his text as he wrote it! 'S math a rinn e!

Mise Stephen agus sann as a' Chuimrigh a tha mi. Tha mi a' ionnsachagh Gàidhlig ann am Aberystwyth.... tròmh na Chuimris. Chan eil Gàidhlig glè mhath agam ach tha mi a' fromh (try). Is toil leam cànain gu leòr. Tha mi a' ionnsachagh Gaeilge (Gàidhluig na h-Èirinn), Brezhoneg (Briotainis), Kernowek (Coirnis) agus svenska (....Swedish!). Tha càirdean agam a' dhèanamh Gàidhlig leam.... sann as Sasana, Èirinn agus Sweden a tha iad. Tha fios agam fear eile le beagan Gàidhlig.... Sann as a Cholombia a tha e! Tha i glè chòireiseach a' dhèanamh an Gàidhlig agaibh fad an t-suibhail. Tha BBC naidheachd glè mhath cuideachd. Tha mi a' cleachdadh an beagan Gàidhlig agam le mo chàirdean anns an taigh òl, chuile DiArdaoin. Se "tha e glè bheag ach tha e math" an abairt Ghàidhlig as fheàrr leam! Don't ask!

I am Stephen and I am from Wales. I am learning Gaelic in Aberystwith, through the medium of Welsh! I don't have good Gaelic, but I am trying. I like languages lots, I am learning Irish, Breton, Cornish and Swedish. My friends are learning Gaelic with me, they are from England, Ireland and Sweden. I know someone else with a little Gaelic, he's from Columbia. It is important to practise your Gaelic every day. BBC Naidheachdan is very good too. I practise my Gaelic with my friends in the pub every Thursday. My favourite expression is "It is very small, but it is good."! Don't Ask!

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