Where I Am Learning

Find out more about our community of Beag Air Bheag users. Maybe some of their stories will inspire you to learn Gaelic.

Lots of people have contacted us; select a name from the menu to learn about the learner.

Please note that we will no longer be updating the gallery with additional learners.

Suggested Information:
  1. What's your name? - Dè an t-ainm a th’ ort?
  2. Where do you stay/are you from? - Co às a tha thu?/ Càite a bheil thu a’ fuireach?
  3. What inspired you to learn Gaelic (it's ok to say you don't know)? - Dè thog d’ ùidh anns a’ chànan?
  4. What tips do you have for other Gaelic learners? - A bheil molaidhean agad airson luchd-ionnsachaidh eile?
  5. How do you use Gaelic in your daily lives? - Ciamar a tha thu a’ cleachdadh Gàidhlig nad bheatha làitheil?
  6. Do you have a favourite Gaelic expression? - Dè an abairt Ghàidhlig as fheàrr leat?

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