Mission 1: Training

About Mission 1: Training

Learners undertaking the Training Mission progressively unlock the Axon story and qualify as Axon agents on completion of the Explosions and Waves activities.


Explosions is an activity which touches on chemical reactions, corrosion, changes of state and energy transfer and acids. The learner watches animations showing the potential for explosive reactions on board a bulk carrier. The learner must evaluate what they have seen to determine whether or not an explosion of the material on board has caused the ship to sink. The science learning is contextualised by being delivered as part of an interactive story in which the learner has to solve mysteries using science.


Waves is an activity which engages the learner in an exploration of the ocean's kinetic energy and its transfer when a wave comes into contact with a ship. This provides an opportunity to cover other areas of energy transfer and storage, in particular wave power as a sustainable resource.

The wave simulator allows the learner to determine whether or not a wave could have had enough energy and exerted enough pressure to sink the bulk carrier MV Monrovia.

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