Parents' Notes

Parents' Notes

Aon, Dhà, Trì (One, Two, Three) is a collection of number games for children in the early stages of primary school. Rabbit, Fox and Bird will guide you through three sets of activities designed to encourage strategic mathematical thinking and problem solving.

Aon, Dhà, Trì

Aon, Dhà, Trì begins with the story of the trio leaving their home under the mountain and going looking for adventure. To skip this introduction and go directly to the crossroads, click the arrow in the bottom right hand corner. At the crossroads, you can choose which activities you want to play by clicking on the path behind Rabbit, Fox or Bird.

There are two kinds of activities associated with each animal:
• the Games (cup pathway) have a defined aim to be achieved using the least possible number of turns. A gold, silver or bronze prize is awarded depending on how many turns they take
• the Explore Activities (balloon pathway) are open-ended tasks where children are encouraged to explore.

Fox Games

There are 60 games in each section, divided into six groups of ten games of increasing difficulty. Games can be played in any order. The tenth game in each level is locked and you have to win a gold cup in the other nine games in order to unlock it.

These games resemble classroom activities where children use interlocking cubes to help them with their number work. The aim of these games is to guide creatures called Sgogain to the treasure room. Sgogain have to be arranged so that the rectangles they form are the correct size and shape to move through the chosen doorway and on to the next part of the activity.

These games resemble counting activities in which children use objects like counters, beads or blocks to do number work. The aim of these games is to fill space ships with the correct number of creatures called Smeabalan.

These are number line activities where you make Rabbit jump up and down a number line, making sure that he lands on the tasty vegetables and avoids the monsters. Rabbit reads out the addition and subtraction calculations he carries out as he jumps backwards and forwards. Each move the rabbit makes and each different number suit selected counts as one turn.

There are three options available after completing a game:

Watch a Video
Click on the television icon to watch videos of catchy songs that encourage children to use the following strategies to solve problems:
• planning ahead
• trial and improvement
• lateral thinking
• spotting patterns
• finding an approach that works
• putting problems in a real-life context
• drawing a picture of the problem
• talking about problems out loud
• asking 'what if?'
• breaking problems down
• coping when stuck.

Watch a Replay
Click on the replay icon to watch a recording of the game just played. This can help children work out how they could have used a different strategy to achieve a better score.

Play the Game Again
Click on the arrow icon to play again and improve the score if a gold cup wasn't won the first time or to try another game in the sequence.

Click the Roghainnean button and select the Taic cànain option to hear the help and feedback offered by Rabbit, Fox and Bird.

The music within the game can be turned on and off by pressing the 'm' key.

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