Parent & Teacher Notes

Parent & Teacher Notes

Clann an latha an-dè (Yesterday's Children) is a Social Studies resource with a focus on History. Activities provide opportunities for pupils working towards the second level of Curriculum for Excellence. This website encourages problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Users are encouraged to use information to evaluate evidence and make decisions.

Teachers are encouraged to inspire learners to develop strategies to make predictions. Bloom's revised taxonomy fans (available within the Gaelic and Literacy community on Glow) could support higher order questioning skills and encourage critical thinking.

There are five mysteries to solve. These are set in the Victorian and Edwardian ages, the Second World War and the present.

Clann an latha an-dè supports principles and practice with opportunities to explore and evaluate different types of sources and evidence.

The activities provide opportunities for learners to:

- use secondary sources selectively to research events in the past.
- interpret historical evidence from a range of periods to develop a sense of chronology.

As the user looks for evidence, they'll learn all sorts of interesting facts about the lives of the children in the mysteries, especially in the home and at school. Experts will guide the user through each mystery and they will share their knowledge of each era and give information about the items discovered.

Solving the mysteries

There are four locations to explore in each mystery. Click on the objects to hear what the expert has to say about them.

After exploring each location, the user must choose a possible solution to the mystery and select one object to use as evidence. All the information collected will be saved in the evidence kit. This information can be accessed at any time and printed at the end of the mystery. After visiting the fourth location, the user selects a final solution to the mystery before the expert reveals all.

Go to this page to download the printable packs

The five mysteries are:

Spòrs sa Chaisteal (Alba, 1856) (Fun at the Castle)
Small pieces of jewellery have mysteriously gone missing from the Murray family home. Kate, the housemaid, is under suspicion. Is she the thief?

Am Muga Dìomhair (The English Midlands, 1897) (The Mysterious Mug)
It's Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Lizzie's special jubilee mug has gone missing. Where could it be?

An Ruagaire-Eòin (Bridgend, 1910) (The Bird Scarer)
Peter Williams has gone to live on a farm with his aunt and uncle. Some items have been stolen and Peter has gone missing. Where has he gone?

Balach a' Bhliots (Beul Feirste, 1941) (Blitz Boy)
James Smith and his dog Dìleas have gone missing on the morning after a heavy air raid. Can you discover what has happened to James and Dìleas?

Dìleab nam Moireach (Liverpool, the present day) (The Murray Interitance)
Someone will inherit the Murray family fortune. Help Billy to solve the mystery and claim the reward for identifying the heir.

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