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Mun làraich

About BBC ALBA Online

BBC ALBA Online offers three distinct areas of Gaelic content:

bbcalba.co.uk Site Tour

  • BBC Vocabulary tool

    Activating the vocabulary tool highlights any Gaelic word on the site for which there is an English translation in our dictionary.
    To activate, click the button entitled BBC Vocab on the top right of the page. By placing your cursor over any highlighted word, a tooltip box will appear containing an English translation of the word.
    To deactivate, click on the button again.

  • Dachaigh - Homepage

    BBC Gaelic TV and Radio listings, weather, promotions for and navigation to the web content outlined below.

    Radio nan Gàidheal

    BBC Radio nan Gàidheal website with Radio nan Gàidheal available live and on-demand along with radio schedules, playlists and programme information pages.

  • Foghlam - Education

    Gaelic learners: Resources for adults at entry or advanced levels of Gaelic fluency.

    Schools: Interactive Gaelic websites including audio and video materials for pupils in pre-school, primary and secondary education.

    Parents and Teachers: Teachers' programme support materials and bi-lingual parents' information.

  • Òigrigh - Youth

    Websites for younger users from pre-school to teens, including web exclusive videos, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

  • A-U - A-Z

    Alphabetical listing of all sites within bbcalba.co.uk. The characters j,k,q,v,w,x,y,z don't feature in the Gaelic alphabet, hence the use of the term A-U in Gaelic rather than A-Z.

  • Tasglann - Archive

    Selected programme support sites relating to previously broadcast programmes, a timeline on the history of BBC Gaelic broadcasting and webguide featuring Gaelic-related internet sites.

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