Ballymoney Museum

View more objects from Northern Ireland.

12 uploaded objects

  1. Ballyweany Axe Ballyweany Axe Status: Live
  2. Bronze Horns Bronze Horns Status: Live
  3. Burgonet Helmet, early 17thC Burgonet Helmet, early 17thC Status: Live
  4. Corfield Periflex Camera Corfield Periflex Camera Status: Live
  5. Derrykeighan Stone, Iron Age c.50AD Derrykeighan Stone, Iron Age c.50AD Status: Live
  6. Dooey's Cairn pottery Dooey's Cairn pottery Status: Live
  7. John Nevin's sword John Nevin's sword Status: Live
  8. Late Bronze Age Ox Yoke Late Bronze Age Ox Yoke Status: Live
  9. Medieval wooden plough Medieval wooden plough Status: Live
  10. Mosside hoard Mosside hoard Status: Live
  11. Nocturnal or Nightdial Nocturnal or Nightdial Status: Live
  12. Penannular brooch from Ballymoney Penannular brooch from Ballymoney Status: Live

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