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Telling a history of our world through objects

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Material / Gemstones / 1800 - 1900

  1. Human Hair Mourning Jewellery Human Hair Mourning Jewellery Contributed by Museum
  2. Gold pendant Gold pendant Contributed by Individual
  3. Arts & Crafts pendant Arts & Crafts pendant Contributed by Individual
  4. Brooch Brooch Contributed by Individual
  5. Emerald and diamond ring Emerald and diamond ring Contributed by Individual
  6. Victorian bracelet in Milanese work Victorian bracelet in Milanese work Contributed by Individual
  7. Ring and bar pin Ring and bar pin Contributed by Individual
  8. Aquamarine Victorian Ring Aquamarine Victorian Ring Contributed by Individual
  9. Presentation sword Presentation sword Contributed by Museum
  10. Manchu Head-dress Manchu Head-dress Contributed by Museum
  11. Charles Knight Brooch Charles Knight Brooch Contributed by Museum
  12. Fanny Brawne's engagement ring Fanny Brawne's engagement ring Contributed by Museum
  13. Spectacle case Spectacle case Contributed by Individual
  14. Decanter by William Burges Decanter by William Burges Contributed by Museum
  15. Human skull cup and lid Human skull cup and lid Contributed by Museum
  16. Tibetan prayer wheel Tibetan prayer wheel Contributed by Museum