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Material / Wood

  1. Spinning Wheel Spinning Wheel Contributed by Museum
  2. The Mortlock Building The Mortlock Building Contributed by Museum
  3. Grundisburgh Smithy Grundisburgh Smithy Contributed by Museum
  4. Loom Loom Contributed by Museum
  5. Cash Register Cash Register Contributed by Museum
  6. Charles Rennie Mackintosh lug chair Charles Rennie Mackintosh lug chair Contributed by Museum
  7. Charles Rennie Mackintosh cheval mirror Charles Rennie Mackintosh cheval mirror Contributed by Museum
  8. Charles Rennie Mackintosh clock Charles Rennie Mackintosh clock Contributed by Museum
  9. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Chair Charles Rennie Mackintosh Chair Contributed by Museum
  10. Charles Rennie Mackintosh desk Charles Rennie Mackintosh desk Contributed by Museum
  11. Maori wooden paddle Maori wooden paddle Contributed by Museum
  12. Wooden box from Captain Cook's voyages Wooden box from Captain Cook's voyages Contributed by Museum
  13. Lady Shep-en-Hor (Egyptian Mummy) Lady Shep-en-Hor (Egyptian Mummy) Contributed by Museum
  14. Model kayak with doll holding paddle Model kayak with doll holding paddle Contributed by Museum
  15. Blackstone Chair, University of Glasgow Blackstone Chair, University of Glasgow Contributed by Museum
  16. William Hunter’s Anatomical Figure William Hunter’s Anatomical Figure Contributed by Museum
  17. Royal wood carving Royal wood carving Contributed by Individual
  18. Royal wood carving Royal wood carving Contributed by Individual
  19. Short mercury delay tube Short mercury delay tube Contributed by Individual
  20. Gypsy caravan and horse Gypsy caravan and horse Contributed by Individual
  21. Sewing machine Sewing machine Contributed by Individual
  22. Bust of Wellington Bust of Wellington Contributed by Individual
  23. Four grain measures Four grain measures Contributed by Individual
  24. Walnut containing photos Walnut containing photos Contributed by Individual
  25. An English Table Orrery An English Table Orrery Contributed by Museum
  26. Aeroplane piece Aeroplane piece Contributed by Individual
  27. Period doll furniture set Period doll furniture set Contributed by Individual
  28. Victorian Double Dolls Pram Victorian Double Dolls Pram Contributed by Individual
  29. Silver jug Silver jug Contributed by Individual
  30. Tapa Tapa Contributed by Individual
  31. World War1-Labour Party Socialist Poster World War1-Labour Party Socialist Poster Contributed by Individual
  32. Maori Knife Maori Knife Contributed by Museum
  33. Maori figure with hair Maori figure with hair Contributed by Museum
  34. Bird-shaped Rattle Bird-shaped Rattle Contributed by Museum
  35. Bird-headed Club Bird-headed Club Contributed by Museum
  36. Ancestral Maori Storehouse Figure Ancestral Maori Storehouse Figure Contributed by Museum
  37. Wooden case containing Whiskey Wooden case containing Whiskey Contributed by Museum
  38. Triumph Roadster Triumph Roadster Contributed by Individual
  39. Ruston & Hornsby Stationary Engine Ruston & Hornsby Stationary Engine Contributed by Individual
  40. Bottle tops Bottle tops Contributed by Individual
  41. Camera Camera Contributed by Individual
  42. Walking stick Walking stick Contributed by Individual
  43. Art Deco ornament Art Deco ornament Contributed by Individual
  44. Hammock-making equipment Hammock-making equipment Contributed by Individual
  45. Commemorative lighter Commemorative lighter Contributed by Individual
  46. Thonet chair Thonet chair Contributed by Individual
  47. Mahjong set Mahjong set Contributed by Individual
  48. Metronome Metronome Contributed by Individual
  49. Art Deco clock Art Deco clock Contributed by Individual
  50. Advertising on electric car Advertising on electric car Contributed by Individual

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