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Material / Ceramic

  1. Roman lamps from North Africa Roman lamps from North Africa Contributed by Museum
  2. Fin Cop - decorated Iron Age pottery Fin Cop - decorated Iron Age pottery Contributed by Individual
  3. Mould for a Bronze Axe Head Mould for a Bronze Axe Head Contributed by Individual
  4. Seaside Memorabilia - ceramic pierrot. Seaside Memorabilia - ceramic pierrot. Contributed by Individual
  5. Neolithic Food Vessel Neolithic Food Vessel Contributed by Individual
  6. Cardiff Docks teapot Cardiff Docks teapot Contributed by Museum
  7. The Manchester Wordsquare The Manchester Wordsquare Contributed by Museum
  8. Bust of John Wesley Bust of John Wesley Contributed by Museum
  9. Peter Street Hunting Jug Peter Street Hunting Jug Contributed by Museum
  10. Decorated clay pipe Decorated clay pipe Contributed by Individual
  11. Rhinoceros Vase, Rockingham, Swinton Rhinoceros Vase, Rockingham, Swinton Contributed by Museum
  12. Etruscan black figure vase Etruscan black figure vase Contributed by Museum
  13. Model: 275KV - 15000 MVA Circuit Breaker Model: 275KV - 15000 MVA Circuit Breaker Contributed by Individual
  14. Greek/Etruscan pottery wine jug Greek/Etruscan pottery wine jug Contributed by Individual
  15. Fire-Resistant Clay Pot Fire-Resistant Clay Pot Contributed by Museum
  16. Bearded Man Jug fragment Bearded Man Jug fragment Contributed by Individual
  17. Fairing from Colchester Fairing from Colchester Contributed by Individual
  18. Iron Age Pottery from Mersea Iron Age Pottery from Mersea Contributed by Individual
  19. Sunderland Lustre Pottery Jug Sunderland Lustre Pottery Jug Contributed by Individual
  20. Plaster statue Plaster statue Contributed by Individual
  21. Paddle Steamer Dish Paddle Steamer Dish Contributed by Museum
  22. Paddle Steamer Ornament Paddle Steamer Ornament Contributed by Museum
  23. Wesuma ware vase Wesuma ware vase Contributed by Individual
  24. Uncle Toby Dickey Bird Society Mug Uncle Toby Dickey Bird Society Mug Contributed by Museum
  25. Roman pot and flint Roman pot and flint Contributed by Individual
  26. Black clay ducks from Mexico Black clay ducks from Mexico Contributed by Individual
  27. Dessert plate from the 'Frog service' Dessert plate from the 'Frog service' Contributed by Museum
  28. Terracotta figure Terracotta figure Contributed by Individual
  29. Ranjitsinhji Plate Ranjitsinhji Plate Contributed by Museum
  30. Ginger Beer Bottle Ginger Beer Bottle Contributed by Individual
  31. Beaker Beaker Contributed by Museum
  32. votive phial and lamp votive phial and lamp Contributed by Individual
  33. Pomona Porcelain Lidded Teapot Pomona Porcelain Lidded Teapot Contributed by Museum
  34. Windmill Hill Pot Windmill Hill Pot Contributed by Museum
  35. Peruvian Chachapoyan Huaco Peruvian Chachapoyan Huaco Contributed by Museum
  36. Lincoln brick Lincoln brick Contributed by Individual
  37. Ivelcon cup and saucer Ivelcon cup and saucer Contributed by Individual
  38. Great Exhibition plate  - 1851 Great Exhibition plate - 1851 Contributed by Museum
  39. Ca Mau Cargo Chinese Tea Bowl 1723-35 Ca Mau Cargo Chinese Tea Bowl 1723-35 Contributed by Museum
  40. Roman tile Roman tile Contributed by Individual
  41. Piece of Roman Pot Piece of Roman Pot Contributed by Individual
  42. Victorian pottery Victorian pottery Contributed by Individual
  43. Pieces of Victorian dolls Pieces of Victorian dolls Contributed by Individual
  44. China Doll's Leg China Doll's Leg Contributed by Individual
  45. 19th Century Stoneware Jug 19th Century Stoneware Jug Contributed by Individual
  46. Chinese porcelain wine cup Chinese porcelain wine cup Contributed by Museum
  47. Chinese bowl with mandarin duck design Chinese bowl with mandarin duck design Contributed by Museum
  48. CLAY PIPE CLAY PIPE Contributed by Individual
  49. Travelling Font Travelling Font Contributed by Museum
  50. Children's Tea service Children's Tea service Contributed by Museum

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