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Colour / Dark Brown

  1. Columbian Printing Press Columbian Printing Press Contributed by Museum
  2. Title of Izaak Waltons Compleat Angler. Title of Izaak Waltons Compleat Angler. Contributed by Museum
  3. X-Ray Protection Mask X-Ray Protection Mask Contributed by Museum
  4. A WW1 Autograph Book A WW1 Autograph Book Contributed by Individual
  5. Bronze Horns Bronze Horns Contributed by Museum
  6. Roman Tombstone of Vedica Roman Tombstone of Vedica Contributed by Museum
  7. Inro and Netsuke Inro and Netsuke Contributed by Museum
  8. Horn Beakers Horn Beakers Contributed by Museum
  9. Stuffed 2 headed calf Stuffed 2 headed calf Contributed by Museum
  10. Elizabethan Quiver Elizabethan Quiver Contributed by Museum
  11. Roman Mosaic Roman Mosaic Contributed by Museum
  12. Stone-lined Bread Oven Stone-lined Bread Oven Contributed by Museum
  13. Nottingham stoneware bear jug Nottingham stoneware bear jug Contributed by Museum
  14. Enham Industries Catalogue Enham Industries Catalogue Contributed by Individual
  15. Alamein Scrapbook Alamein Scrapbook Contributed by Individual
  16. Timothy Hackworth's Engineering Rule Timothy Hackworth's Engineering Rule Contributed by Museum
  17. Sluice control valve Sluice control valve Contributed by Museum
  18. The face mask of Robert Owen, aged 50 The face mask of Robert Owen, aged 50 Contributed by Museum
  19. Pinball Wizard 'Tommy' Boots Pinball Wizard 'Tommy' Boots Contributed by Museum
  20. Reconstructed Human Skeleton Reconstructed Human Skeleton Contributed by Museum
  21. The Elephant Boot The Elephant Boot Contributed by Museum
  22. Measuring Stick, 1762. Measuring Stick, 1762. Contributed by Museum
  23. Taxidermy Tools Taxidermy Tools Contributed by Museum
  24. Bolt mechanism from Belsen Bolt mechanism from Belsen Contributed by Museum
  25. Vintage Hole Punch Vintage Hole Punch Contributed by Individual
  26. Egyptian Mummy Egyptian Mummy Contributed by Museum
  27. A Collection Box A Collection Box Contributed by Museum
  28. John Kay's chair John Kay's chair Contributed by Museum
  29. Pipe Pipe Contributed by Museum
  30. Cobblestone thrown in a riot Cobblestone thrown in a riot Contributed by Museum
  31. True Lover's Knot True Lover's Knot Contributed by Individual
  32. Lord Brookeborough's Horseshoe Lord Brookeborough's Horseshoe Contributed by Individual
  33. 'Chamber Horse' or Exercise Chair 'Chamber Horse' or Exercise Chair Contributed by Museum
  34. Vitalator - Quack medical appliance Vitalator - Quack medical appliance Contributed by Individual
  35. Meat Mincer from the USA Meat Mincer from the USA Contributed by Individual
  36. 1930 Sweet Tin 1930 Sweet Tin Contributed by Individual
  37. Column from Ihnsaya el-Medina Column from Ihnsaya el-Medina Contributed by Museum
  38. South African scenes and people South African scenes and people Contributed by Individual
  39. luo pan luo pan Contributed by Individual
  40. American Indian jewellrey American Indian jewellrey Contributed by Individual
  41. A 1930 Bakelite Ashtray A 1930 Bakelite Ashtray Contributed by Individual
  42. Serpentine whorl Serpentine whorl Contributed by Museum
  43. Handcrafted wooden bowl with shell inlay Handcrafted wooden bowl with shell inlay Contributed by Individual
  44. Victos XIV - A curious figure Victos XIV - A curious figure Contributed by Individual
  45. Avro Lancaster PA 474 Avro Lancaster PA 474 Contributed by Museum
  46. Legs Static Legs Static Contributed by Individual
  47. Conestoga Wagon Conestoga Wagon Contributed by Museum
  48. The Mellon House The Mellon House Contributed by Museum
  49. Susanna Drury watercolour Susanna Drury watercolour Contributed by Museum
  50. Wooden Plough Wooden Plough Contributed by Museum

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