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Theme / Clothing / 1975 - 2000

  1. Roald Dahl's BFG sandal Roald Dahl's BFG sandal Contributed by Museum
  2. Laura Ashley Dress Laura Ashley Dress Contributed by Museum
  3. Viva Geevor T-shirt Viva Geevor T-shirt Contributed by Museum
  4. Rugby shirt (Cornwall R.F.U) Rugby shirt (Cornwall R.F.U) Contributed by Museum
  5. Gorsedd robes Gorsedd robes Contributed by Museum
  6. Billy Connolly's Banana Boots Billy Connolly's Banana Boots Contributed by Museum
  7. Margaret Thatcher's blue suit Margaret Thatcher's blue suit Contributed by Museum
  8. Firefighters Helmet Firefighters Helmet Contributed by Individual
  9. Chanel suit Chanel suit Contributed by Museum
  10. Chanel suit Chanel suit Contributed by Museum
  11. Ungaro Lady's Trouser Suit Ungaro Lady's Trouser Suit Contributed by Museum
  12. 1980 steel strike button badges 1980 steel strike button badges Contributed by Individual
  13. Lavender Bridesmaid Dress Lavender Bridesmaid Dress Contributed by Individual
  14. Bracelet Bracelet Contributed by Individual
  15. John Galliano jacket John Galliano jacket Contributed by Individual
  16. Original raw silk bell bottom slacks Original raw silk bell bottom slacks Contributed by Individual
  17. Foldable spinning wheel Foldable spinning wheel Contributed by Individual
  18. Spinning Wheel Ashford Joy Spinning Wheel Ashford Joy Contributed by Individual
  19. Twiggy Bag Twiggy Bag Contributed by Museum
  20. 'Cool Cymru' Dress 'Cool Cymru' Dress Contributed by Museum
  21. Clacton Butlins' umbrella Clacton Butlins' umbrella Contributed by Individual
  22. The Scottish Kilt The Scottish Kilt Contributed by Individual
  23. Dulwich Paragon Cycling Club Jersey Dulwich Paragon Cycling Club Jersey Contributed by Individual
  24. Girl Guide sash Girl Guide sash Contributed by Individual

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