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Theme / Clothing

  1. Inscribed Medieval ring brooch Inscribed Medieval ring brooch Contributed by Museum
  2. Queen Victoria's Crochet Queen Victoria's Crochet Contributed by Museum
  3. Fusee Chain Fusee Chain Contributed by Individual
  4. Amy Johnson's Flying Bag Amy Johnson's Flying Bag Contributed by Museum
  5. Twiggy Bag Twiggy Bag Contributed by Museum
  6. Roman objects dug up in London Roman objects dug up in London Contributed by Individual
  7. A silver animal head A silver animal head Contributed by Museum
  8. Wooden face mask in shape of monkey/ape Wooden face mask in shape of monkey/ape Contributed by Individual
  9. Hughes Shoes Hughes Shoes Contributed by Museum
  10. Jane Taylor's Christening Gown Jane Taylor's Christening Gown Contributed by Museum
  11. Beaver tooth pendant Beaver tooth pendant Contributed by Museum
  12. sunglasses sunglasses Contributed by Individual
  13. A Bracelet from Malawi A Bracelet from Malawi Contributed by Individual
  14.  Bracelet from the Phillipines. Bracelet from the Phillipines. Contributed by Individual
  15. Fez Hat Fez Hat Contributed by Individual
  16. Uniform, East Kent Yeomanry Uniform, East Kent Yeomanry Contributed by Museum
  17. A pottery shoe found in Cardiff docks A pottery shoe found in Cardiff docks Contributed by Individual
  18. Portrait of John Coxwell (1516-1614) Portrait of John Coxwell (1516-1614) Contributed by Museum
  19. saxon bronze strapend saxon bronze strapend Contributed by Individual
  20. Roman enamelled disc brooch Roman enamelled disc brooch Contributed by Individual
  21. An embroidered christening gown An embroidered christening gown Contributed by Museum
  22. Shackleton Boot Shackleton Boot Contributed by Museum
  23. Officers Lapel Badge US Army Officers Lapel Badge US Army Contributed by Individual
  24. Viking Trefoil Broach Viking Trefoil Broach Contributed by Individual
  25. Spinning Wheel Spinning Wheel Contributed by Museum
  26. X-Ray Protection Mask X-Ray Protection Mask Contributed by Museum
  27. Mail-order catalogue from Pryce-Jones Mail-order catalogue from Pryce-Jones Contributed by Museum
  28. Inro and Netsuke Inro and Netsuke Contributed by Museum
  29. Pinball Wizard 'Tommy' Boots Pinball Wizard 'Tommy' Boots Contributed by Museum
  30. The Elephant Boot The Elephant Boot Contributed by Museum
  31. Button Button Contributed by Museum
  32. Seton-Karr Flints Seton-Karr Flints Contributed by Museum
  33. The Little Rock dress The Little Rock dress Contributed by Museum
  34. Whitelow ceramic stud Whitelow ceramic stud Contributed by Museum
  35. Segontium Sword Segontium Sword Contributed by Museum
  36. Mickey Mouse Children's Gas Mask Mickey Mouse Children's Gas Mask Contributed by Individual
  37. Ugandan beads Ugandan beads Contributed by Individual
  38. Pearl ring Pearl ring Contributed by Individual
  39. Manchu Head-dress Manchu Head-dress Contributed by Museum
  40. Roman umbonate brooch Roman umbonate brooch Contributed by Individual
  41. Stainless Steel Necklace Stainless Steel Necklace Contributed by Museum
  42. Serpentine whorl Serpentine whorl Contributed by Museum
  43. Copper alloy armlet Copper alloy armlet Contributed by Museum
  44. Susanna Drury watercolour Susanna Drury watercolour Contributed by Museum
  45. Charles Knight Brooch Charles Knight Brooch Contributed by Museum
  46. Bush Barrow Bronze Gold Lozenge Bush Barrow Bronze Gold Lozenge Contributed by Museum
  47. Uniform of the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons Uniform of the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons Contributed by Museum
  48. The Euklisia Rug The Euklisia Rug Contributed by Museum
  49. Barkcloth jacket from the Indian Ocean Barkcloth jacket from the Indian Ocean Contributed by Museum
  50. Dragon Robe Dragon Robe Contributed by Museum

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