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Telling a history of our world through objects

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Colour / Grey / 1700 - 1800

  1. Octagonal compass sundial Octagonal compass sundial Contributed by Museum
  2. Printing Frame Printing Frame Contributed by Individual
  3. Portrait of Alexander Pope Portrait of Alexander Pope Contributed by Individual
  4. Apprentice's Indenture, 1797 Apprentice's Indenture, 1797 Contributed by Individual
  5. Volta battery Volta battery Contributed by Museum
  6. Saucepan, ladle and spoon Saucepan, ladle and spoon Contributed by Individual
  7. Metal puppet Metal puppet Contributed by Individual
  8. Sword Sword Contributed by Individual
  9. Temple of Piety Ox Freize Temple of Piety Ox Freize Contributed by Museum
  10. 18th century outdoor kitchen stove 18th century outdoor kitchen stove Contributed by Museum
  11. A ships 'dead-eye'. A ships 'dead-eye'. Contributed by Individual
  12. The Robert Raikes centenary medal The Robert Raikes centenary medal Contributed by Individual
  13. The Chilcarroch Plough The Chilcarroch Plough Contributed by Museum
  14. Japanese acupuncture meridian doll Japanese acupuncture meridian doll Contributed by Museum
  15. Rotary Disc Quern Rotary Disc Quern Contributed by Museum
  16. Maundy Money Maundy Money Contributed by Individual
  17. Portrait of Captain Thomas Coram Portrait of Captain Thomas Coram Contributed by Museum
  18. Pewter Mug Pewter Mug Contributed by Museum
  19. Pattern Penny made at the Soho Mint Pattern Penny made at the Soho Mint Contributed by Museum
  20. The Resolution in a stream of pack-ice The Resolution in a stream of pack-ice Contributed by Museum
  21. Robert Burns cravat pin Robert Burns cravat pin Contributed by Museum
  22. John Nevin's sword John Nevin's sword Contributed by Museum
  23. William Murdock's steam locomotive William Murdock's steam locomotive Contributed by Museum
  24. Covenanter Gravestone Covenanter Gravestone Contributed by Individual
  25. Post medieval devotional plaque Post medieval devotional plaque Contributed by Individual
  26. Blue/Grey slate/clay pipe Blue/Grey slate/clay pipe Contributed by Individual

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