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Telling a history of our world through objects

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  1. Railway timetable Railway timetable Contributed by Individual
  2. Japanese pot Japanese pot Contributed by Individual
  3. Ornamental head Ornamental head Contributed by Individual
  4. Winston Churchill statuette Winston Churchill statuette Contributed by Individual
  5. Chinese pot Chinese pot Contributed by Individual
  6. Senegalese dagger and sheath Senegalese dagger and sheath Contributed by Individual
  7. Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Contributed by Individual
  8. Canaan bottle from Jericho, Palestine Canaan bottle from Jericho, Palestine Contributed by Museum
  9. Royal horse racing trophy Royal horse racing trophy Contributed by Individual
  10. Part of guidance vane: last UK V2 rocket Part of guidance vane: last UK V2 rocket Contributed by Individual
  11. Diogenes Laertius incunable [book] Diogenes Laertius incunable [book] Contributed by Individual
  12. Traditional Guernsey bonnet Traditional Guernsey bonnet Contributed by Museum
  13. Roman window from Scotland Roman window from Scotland Contributed by Museum
  14. Bone model of French frigate Bone model of French frigate Contributed by Museum
  15. Thames Tunnel model Thames Tunnel model Contributed by Museum
  16. The Tootie Horn The Tootie Horn Contributed by Museum
  17. Doctor's Bag Doctor's Bag Contributed by Individual
  18. Government of Wales Act 1998 Government of Wales Act 1998 Contributed by Individual
  19. Welsh-language Bible Welsh-language Bible Contributed by Individual
  20. Frying pan lid Frying pan lid Contributed by Individual
  21. Michael Faraday's induction ring Michael Faraday's induction ring Contributed by Museum
  22. Volta battery Volta battery Contributed by Museum
  23. Humprhy Davy's miners' safety lamp Humprhy Davy's miners' safety lamp Contributed by Museum
  24. Canterbury Mayoral Chain Canterbury Mayoral Chain Contributed by Individual
  25. Picture Show Annual Picture Show Annual Contributed by Individual
  26. Soldier's Stone, Penycloddiau hillfort Soldier's Stone, Penycloddiau hillfort Contributed by Individual
  27. Salvation Army Farm Colony milk bottles Salvation Army Farm Colony milk bottles Contributed by Individual
  28. Hands Across the Sea Postcard Hands Across the Sea Postcard Contributed by Museum
  29. Radiator cap Radiator cap Contributed by Individual
  30. Pan-tiles of 1700 Pan-tiles of 1700 Contributed by Museum
  31. Doll Doll Contributed by Museum
  32. Small house brick Small house brick Contributed by Museum
  33. Fragment of Saxon cross Fragment of Saxon cross Contributed by Individual
  34. Bob Flowerdew's Quern Bob Flowerdew's Quern Contributed by Individual
  35.  Anti-Semitic advert on envelope Anti-Semitic advert on envelope Contributed by Museum
  36. Saddler's Display Horse Saddler's Display Horse Contributed by Museum
  37. Lace-bark slippers from Jamaica Lace-bark slippers from Jamaica Contributed by Museum
  38. Tools for making and taking snuff Tools for making and taking snuff Contributed by Museum
  39. Turkey England France Figurine Turkey England France Figurine Contributed by Museum
  40. Ballet to Remember, Maria Militsi Ballet to Remember, Maria Militsi Contributed by Museum
  41. The Book of Roger The Book of Roger Contributed by Museum
  42. A smokeable branch pipe. A smokeable branch pipe. Contributed by Individual
  43. Wedding outfit Wedding outfit Contributed by Individual
  44. Watercolour painting Watercolour painting Contributed by Individual
  45. Vase Vase Contributed by Individual
  46. Two bronze statues/figures Two bronze statues/figures Contributed by Individual
  47. Tressy & Toots Doll Tressy & Toots Doll Contributed by Individual
  48. Textile sample from China Textile sample from China Contributed by Individual
  49. Pewter tankards and lamp Pewter tankards and lamp Contributed by Individual
  50. Passover Picture Passover Picture Contributed by Individual

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