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Theme / Body / 1900 - 1925

  1. Needle Douche Needle Douche Contributed by Individual
  2. Amputation kit for injured coalminers Amputation kit for injured coalminers Contributed by Museum
  3. Mercury bottle Mercury bottle Contributed by Museum
  4. Mexican football medal Mexican football medal Contributed by Museum
  5. The Macaura Blood Circulator The Macaura Blood Circulator Contributed by Individual
  6. Ladies Spectacles with Pince-nez Ladies Spectacles with Pince-nez Contributed by Individual
  7. White Kid Gloves White Kid Gloves Contributed by Individual
  8. Set of false teeth Set of false teeth Contributed by Museum
  9. Old Chinese Talismen Old Chinese Talismen Contributed by Individual
  10. Doctor's bag Doctor's bag Contributed by Individual
  11. Tsar's son's handkerchief Tsar's son's handkerchief Contributed by Individual
  12. Straw Police Helmet Straw Police Helmet Contributed by Museum
  13. Hand mirror Hand mirror Contributed by Individual
  14. Cap badge and watch Cap badge and watch Contributed by Individual
  15. Figurehead from SS 'Terra Nova' Figurehead from SS 'Terra Nova' Contributed by Museum
  16. First World War bullet First World War bullet Contributed by Individual
  17. Pocket watch Pocket watch Contributed by Individual
  18. Garnet and pearl necklace Garnet and pearl necklace Contributed by Individual
  19. Silver acorn pendant Silver acorn pendant Contributed by Individual
  20. Pocket watch Pocket watch Contributed by Individual
  21. Watch Chain Fob Medal Watch Chain Fob Medal Contributed by Individual
  22. Reconstructed Human Skeleton Reconstructed Human Skeleton Contributed by Museum
  23. Vitalator - Quack medical appliance Vitalator - Quack medical appliance Contributed by Individual
  24. WW1 Wounded discharge certificate WW1 Wounded discharge certificate Contributed by Individual
  25. Electrical Hairbrush From Colchester Electrical Hairbrush From Colchester Contributed by Individual
  26. Red cross brooch Red cross brooch Contributed by Museum
  28. WW1 X-RAY TUBE WW1 X-RAY TUBE Contributed by Museum
  29. Glass Nasal Syringe Glass Nasal Syringe Contributed by Individual
  30. Red Woman, oil painting by Franz Marc Red Woman, oil painting by Franz Marc Contributed by Museum
  31. WWI shaving kit WWI shaving kit Contributed by Individual

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