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Theme / Family / 1800 - 1900

  1. Gold Mourning Ring Gold Mourning Ring Contributed by Individual
  2. Grand Christmas Fete poster Grand Christmas Fete poster Contributed by Museum
  3. Sickness insurance books Sickness insurance books Contributed by Individual
  4. "Oaks" bible "Oaks" bible Contributed by Individual
  5. Indenture of Apprenticeship Indenture of Apprenticeship Contributed by Individual
  6. Red work sampler Red work sampler Contributed by Individual
  7. Suffolk Woodsman's Prayer Book and Diary Suffolk Woodsman's Prayer Book and Diary Contributed by Individual
  8. Polperro knit frock Polperro knit frock Contributed by Museum
  9. Photographer's chair Photographer's chair Contributed by Museum
  10. Steam locomotive Steam locomotive Contributed by Museum
  11. Dock dung Dock dung Contributed by Museum
  12. Spratt's diary Spratt's diary Contributed by Museum
  13. Bust of William Murdoch Bust of William Murdoch Contributed by Museum
  14. Methodist font Methodist font Contributed by Museum
  15. Fisherwoman on a beach Fisherwoman on a beach Contributed by Museum
  16. Army cradle and patchwork quilt Army cradle and patchwork quilt Contributed by Museum
  17. Emigrant's foot stool Emigrant's foot stool Contributed by Museum
  18. Cornish gold necklace Cornish gold necklace Contributed by Museum
  19. John Couch Adams bust John Couch Adams bust Contributed by Museum
  20. Tea treat china Tea treat china Contributed by Museum
  21. Golding Constable's Kitchen Garden Golding Constable's Kitchen Garden Contributed by Museum
  22. Sheffield Flood Bible, 1864 Sheffield Flood Bible, 1864 Contributed by Museum
  23. The Handyside Postbox The Handyside Postbox Contributed by Museum
  24. Tree fern figure Tree fern figure Contributed by Museum
  25. Family Christening Gown Family Christening Gown Contributed by Individual
  26. Minature Victorian Prayer Book Minature Victorian Prayer Book Contributed by Individual
  27. Family Seal Family Seal Contributed by Individual
  28. A Victorian iron A Victorian iron Contributed by Individual
  29. An Invitation to the Funeral of Nelson An Invitation to the Funeral of Nelson Contributed by Individual
  30. Silver Plated Mustard Pot Silver Plated Mustard Pot Contributed by Individual
  31. A Brass Bell A Brass Bell Contributed by Individual
  32. Ornamental slate fan Ornamental slate fan Contributed by Museum
  33. Family Bible Family Bible Contributed by Individual
  34. gold ring gold ring Contributed by Individual
  35. Notebook recording births and deaths Notebook recording births and deaths Contributed by Individual
  36. Portrait of William Fee McKinney Portrait of William Fee McKinney Contributed by Museum
  37. Capt. Wm Murley RN- commemorative scroll Capt. Wm Murley RN- commemorative scroll Contributed by Individual
  38. E Pankhurst -  Manchester Registrar E Pankhurst - Manchester Registrar Contributed by Individual
  39. Crimean War Diary Crimean War Diary Contributed by Individual
  40. The Bastille Jug The Bastille Jug Contributed by Museum
  41. Grandfather's Caul Grandfather's Caul Contributed by Individual
  42. Milk Crock Milk Crock Contributed by Museum
  43. Set of Plates Set of Plates Contributed by Individual
  44. Portrait of Elizabeth Twining Portrait of Elizabeth Twining Contributed by Individual
  45. A Photograph of John Wyndham Lewis A Photograph of John Wyndham Lewis Contributed by Individual
  46. china cup china cup Contributed by Individual
  47. 1805 Mourning Ring. 1805 Mourning Ring. Contributed by Individual
  48. A Lithuanian 120-year-old rolling pin A Lithuanian 120-year-old rolling pin Contributed by Individual
  49. Mahogany games table Mahogany games table Contributed by Museum
  50. Copy of The Armagh Guardian, 1891 Copy of The Armagh Guardian, 1891 Contributed by Individual

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