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Telling a history of our world through objects

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Location / UK / England - East / 1800 - 1900

  1. A Pair of Victorian road skates A Pair of Victorian road skates Contributed by Individual
  2. Golding Constable's Kitchen Garden Golding Constable's Kitchen Garden Contributed by Museum
  3. Jubilee Commerative Medal Jubilee Commerative Medal Contributed by Individual
  4. Battle of Gundamuck, 1842 Battle of Gundamuck, 1842 Contributed by Museum
  5. Death mask of Thomas Paine Death mask of Thomas Paine Contributed by Museum
  6. Gunflint from Nuku’alofa, Tonga Gunflint from Nuku’alofa, Tonga Contributed by Individual
  7. Ransomes Traction Engine Ransomes Traction Engine Contributed by Museum
  8. Mr Hasan's Waistcoat Mr Hasan's Waistcoat Contributed by Museum
  9. Whipping Post Whipping Post Contributed by Museum
  10. Horseman's Smock Horseman's Smock Contributed by Museum
  11. Hobson's Conduit Figureheads Hobson's Conduit Figureheads Contributed by Individual
  12. Coke's Monument Coke's Monument Contributed by Individual
  13. Maskell's Bakery Cart Maskell's Bakery Cart Contributed by Museum
  14. Celebratory Meal Celebratory Meal Contributed by Individual
  15. Coronation of Queen Victoria Coronation of Queen Victoria Contributed by Individual
  16. Lead Bag Seal From Langham Lead Bag Seal From Langham Contributed by Individual
  17. Fairing from Colchester Fairing from Colchester Contributed by Individual
  18. Omega Pocket Watch from Basildon Omega Pocket Watch from Basildon Contributed by Individual
  19. Mineral Water Bottle Mineral Water Bottle Contributed by Individual
  20. Ginger Beer Bottle Ginger Beer Bottle Contributed by Individual
  21. Luton Straw Hat Dye Luton Straw Hat Dye Contributed by Individual
  22. The Standard Home Doctor Book The Standard Home Doctor Book Contributed by Individual
  23. Victorian pottery Victorian pottery Contributed by Individual
  24. Horse control objects Horse control objects Contributed by Individual
  25. Horsemans Book and Stallion card Horsemans Book and Stallion card Contributed by Individual
  26. Horseshoes from Suffolk Punch Horseshoes from Suffolk Punch Contributed by Individual
  27. Victorian window frame Victorian window frame Contributed by Individual
  28. Crompton arc lamp Crompton arc lamp Contributed by Museum
  29. A shepherds hut A shepherds hut Contributed by Individual

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