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Location / UK / England - London / 1800 - 1900

  1. Gold Mourning Ring Gold Mourning Ring Contributed by Individual
  2. Colt Dragoon Revolver Colt Dragoon Revolver Contributed by Individual
  3. Grand Christmas Fete poster Grand Christmas Fete poster Contributed by Museum
  4. Great Great Aunt Eliza's Paint Box Great Great Aunt Eliza's Paint Box Contributed by Individual
  5. Tram pass for Inspector John Spratling Tram pass for Inspector John Spratling Contributed by Individual
  6. Apprenticeship Indentures Apprenticeship Indentures Contributed by Individual
  7. old clay tile with face motif age? old clay tile with face motif age? Contributed by Individual
  8. Printing Press Printing Press Contributed by Museum
  9. SUTTON TOKEN SUTTON TOKEN Contributed by Individual
  10. Sir Richard Burton dressed as an Arab Sir Richard Burton dressed as an Arab Contributed by Individual
  11. Lander medicine cabinet Lander medicine cabinet Contributed by Museum
  12. Glass from the Crystal Palace. Glass from the Crystal Palace. Contributed by Individual
  13. Letter from Queen Victoria Letter from Queen Victoria Contributed by Individual
  14. Hand graver Hand graver Contributed by Individual
  15. Portrait of Elizabeth Twining Portrait of Elizabeth Twining Contributed by Individual
  16. Double Florin Coin Double Florin Coin Contributed by Individual
  17. Ink wells Ink wells Contributed by Individual
  18. Michael Faraday's induction ring Michael Faraday's induction ring Contributed by Museum
  19. Humprhy Davy's miners' safety lamp Humprhy Davy's miners' safety lamp Contributed by Museum
  20. Tilley Fire Engine Tilley Fire Engine Contributed by Museum
  21. Dewar vacuum flask Dewar vacuum flask Contributed by Museum
  22. Lion Rampant Lion Rampant Contributed by Museum
  23. Woodpecker Tapestry Woodpecker Tapestry Contributed by Museum
  24. Bremer Car Bremer Car Contributed by Museum
  25. Sadler’s Wells ‘Oliver Twist’ script Sadler’s Wells ‘Oliver Twist’ script Contributed by Museum
  26. Nicholas Nickleby (1st Bound Edition) Nicholas Nickleby (1st Bound Edition) Contributed by Individual
  27. Royal Bar-Lock 10 typewriter Royal Bar-Lock 10 typewriter Contributed by Museum
  28. Pedlar Doll Pedlar Doll Contributed by Museum
  29. Nightdress Nightdress Contributed by Museum
  30. Dinner dress Dinner dress Contributed by Museum
  31. Chatelaine Chatelaine Contributed by Museum
  32. Carpet beater Carpet beater Contributed by Museum
  33. Swords Swords Contributed by Individual
  34. Elizabeth Browning Book Elizabeth Browning Book Contributed by Individual
  35. A page from small leather bound notebook A page from small leather bound notebook Contributed by Individual
  36. Merryweather Steam Fire Engine Merryweather Steam Fire Engine Contributed by Individual
  37. Reading Gypsy Wagon Reading Gypsy Wagon Contributed by Individual
  38. Eskimaux Vocabulary Book Eskimaux Vocabulary Book Contributed by Museum
  40. Cartoon depicting the Peterloo Massacre Cartoon depicting the Peterloo Massacre Contributed by Museum
  41. water filter water filter Contributed by Individual
  42. English Concertina English Concertina Contributed by Individual
  43. Regent's Canal Lock paddle Regent's Canal Lock paddle Contributed by Museum
  44. Grand Junction Canal Ribbon Grand Junction Canal Ribbon Contributed by Museum
  45. Orleans House Orleans House Contributed by Individual
  46. Florence Nightingale's medicine chest Florence Nightingale's medicine chest Contributed by Individual
  47. Aspery's Magnifying Glass Aspery's Magnifying Glass Contributed by Individual
  48. Fanny Brawne's engagement ring Fanny Brawne's engagement ring Contributed by Museum
  49. Small Handheld Persussion "Muff" Pistol Small Handheld Persussion "Muff" Pistol Contributed by Individual
  50. PS Princess Alice Box PS Princess Alice Box Contributed by Museum

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