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Location / UK / England - South West / 1800 - 1900

  1. Coalmining Pit Head Cage Coalmining Pit Head Cage Contributed by Museum
  2. Dress Dress Contributed by Museum
  3. Coalmining Gus and Crook Coalmining Gus and Crook Contributed by Museum
  4. Newlyn copper plaques Newlyn copper plaques Contributed by Museum
  5. Polperro knit frock Polperro knit frock Contributed by Museum
  6. Bone ship model Bone ship model Contributed by Museum
  7. Bickford's safety fuse Bickford's safety fuse Contributed by Museum
  8. Spratt's diary Spratt's diary Contributed by Museum
  9. Cornish kayles Cornish kayles Contributed by Museum
  10. Huer's horn and bushes Huer's horn and bushes Contributed by Museum
  11. Fisherwoman on a beach Fisherwoman on a beach Contributed by Museum
  12. Mount Edgcumbe estate workers Mount Edgcumbe estate workers Contributed by Museum
  13. Shamrock barge Shamrock barge Contributed by Museum
  14. Scoria block Scoria block Contributed by Museum
  15. Along shore fisherman Along shore fisherman Contributed by Museum
  16. Emigrant's foot stool Emigrant's foot stool Contributed by Museum
  17. Cornish gold necklace Cornish gold necklace Contributed by Museum
  18. The Rashleigh Mineral Collection The Rashleigh Mineral Collection Contributed by Museum
  19. Ox shoes Ox shoes Contributed by Museum
  20. Turpin's caulking tools Turpin's caulking tools Contributed by Museum
  21. Cider apple mill Cider apple mill Contributed by Museum
  22. Trevithick's boiler Trevithick's boiler Contributed by Museum
  23. Levant Mine whim engine Levant Mine whim engine Contributed by Museum
  24. A Victorian iron A Victorian iron Contributed by Individual
  25. Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Walking Stick Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Walking Stick Contributed by Museum
  26. Safety Lamp Safety Lamp Contributed by Individual
  27. Crotal Bell Crotal Bell Contributed by Individual
  28. 19th Century Enclosed Communal Bath 19th Century Enclosed Communal Bath Contributed by Individual
  29. Mid 19th Century Wicker Safety Helmet Mid 19th Century Wicker Safety Helmet Contributed by Individual
  30. Japanese Sword and Sheath Japanese Sword and Sheath Contributed by Museum
  31. Tool Cabinet: Wooden Brace Tool Cabinet: Wooden Brace Contributed by Museum
  32. Tool Cabinet: Sash Fillister Tool Cabinet: Sash Fillister Contributed by Museum
  33. Tool Cabinet: Sticking Board Tool Cabinet: Sticking Board Contributed by Museum
  34. Candle holder Candle holder Contributed by Individual
  35. Black Jamaica Walnut woodcarving Black Jamaica Walnut woodcarving Contributed by Individual
  36. List of agricultural premiums List of agricultural premiums Contributed by Individual
  37. Clinker built boat called Pat Clinker built boat called Pat Contributed by Individual
  38. Metal Mine Hoist Container Metal Mine Hoist Container Contributed by Individual
  39. Tin bath Tin bath Contributed by Individual
  40. Childs Bath Childs Bath Contributed by Individual
  41. Police truncheon and handcuffs Police truncheon and handcuffs Contributed by Individual
  42.   Jug belonging to Exmouth's Beach Lady Jug belonging to Exmouth's Beach Lady Contributed by Museum
  43. Punch and Judy Puppets Punch and Judy Puppets Contributed by Individual
  44. Bark stripping iron Bark stripping iron Contributed by Individual
  45. Bender Tent Bender Tent Contributed by Individual
  46. Tyre roller for wooden wagon wheels Tyre roller for wooden wagon wheels Contributed by Individual
  47. Fusee Chain Fusee Chain Contributed by Individual
  48. Bronze plaque Bronze plaque Contributed by Museum
  49. Sluice control valve Sluice control valve Contributed by Museum
  50. Portrait of Sir Isaac Brock (1769-1812) Portrait of Sir Isaac Brock (1769-1812) Contributed by Museum

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