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Location / UK / England - West Midlands / 1900 - 1925

  1. Sin Eater's Grave Ratlinghope Shropshire Sin Eater's Grave Ratlinghope Shropshire Contributed by Individual
  2. Early Cigarette Lighter Early Cigarette Lighter Contributed by Individual
  3. World War One Tank World War One Tank Contributed by Museum
  4. Parchment letter of farewell Parchment letter of farewell Contributed by Individual
  5. Dinner gong World War 1 propeller Dinner gong World War 1 propeller Contributed by Individual
  6. Set of false teeth Set of false teeth Contributed by Museum
  7. Padlock Padlock Contributed by Museum
  8. Model of  a Smallman Safety Clip Model of a Smallman Safety Clip Contributed by Museum
  9. Castle Three Car Castle Three Car Contributed by Museum
  10. Bromsgrove Guild Lead Satyr mask Bromsgrove Guild Lead Satyr mask Contributed by Museum
  11. Desk clock Desk clock Contributed by Individual
  12. Worcester glove-making Worcester glove-making Contributed by Museum
  13. Worcestershire Sauce Worcestershire Sauce Contributed by Museum
  14. Pen Nib Pen Nib Contributed by Individual
  15. Silver Handbag from 1905 Silver Handbag from 1905 Contributed by Individual
  16. A Vesta Case A Vesta Case Contributed by Individual
  17. Watch Chain Fob Medal Watch Chain Fob Medal Contributed by Individual
  18. The East Window The East Window Contributed by Museum
  19. Alfred Watkins' Bee Meter Alfred Watkins' Bee Meter Contributed by Museum
  20. Josephine Batchelor's Fruit Dish Josephine Batchelor's Fruit Dish Contributed by Individual
  21. Cigarette Box Cigarette Box Contributed by Individual
  22. Steam Engine Clock Barometer Steam Engine Clock Barometer Contributed by Museum
  23. The last 'Kidderminster' weave carpet The last 'Kidderminster' weave carpet Contributed by Museum
  24. Brass model WW1 Tank Brass model WW1 Tank Contributed by Individual
  25. Public House Token Public House Token Contributed by Individual
  26. Display dish "Empress of Ireland" Display dish "Empress of Ireland" Contributed by Individual
  27. Cigarette Case - 1st world war Cigarette Case - 1st world war Contributed by Individual
  28. Edwardian Baby Shoes Edwardian Baby Shoes Contributed by Individual

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