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Location / Europe / 1700 - 1800

  1. Harpsichord by Bartolomeo Cristofori Harpsichord by Bartolomeo Cristofori Contributed by Individual
  2. Contents of a garderobe Contents of a garderobe Contributed by Museum
  3. Octagonal compass sundial Octagonal compass sundial Contributed by Museum
  4. Thomas Clarkson's Travelling Chest Thomas Clarkson's Travelling Chest Contributed by Museum
  5. Louis XVI Coin - 2 sols Louis XVI Coin - 2 sols Contributed by Individual
  6. Seed pearl necklace Seed pearl necklace Contributed by Individual
  7. Poland Arise Poland Arise Contributed by Individual
  8. Volta battery Volta battery Contributed by Museum
  9. “Grand Canal��? oil painting “Grand Canal��? oil painting Contributed by Museum
  10. Metal puppet Metal puppet Contributed by Individual
  11. Saucer Saucer Contributed by Individual
  12. 18th Century Ships Compass 18th Century Ships Compass Contributed by Museum
  13. Hovedvansoeg Hovedvansoeg Contributed by Individual
  14. Dolls Dolls Contributed by Individual
  15. Two Cups and Saucers Two Cups and Saucers Contributed by Individual
  16. Glass Armonica Glass Armonica Contributed by Museum
  17. Child's Wooden Chair Child's Wooden Chair Contributed by Museum
  18. Slave Beads, West Coast of Africa, 1780s Slave Beads, West Coast of Africa, 1780s Contributed by Museum
  19. French sword, Fishguard invasion, 1797 French sword, Fishguard invasion, 1797 Contributed by Museum
  20. Bank Note from the French Revolution Bank Note from the French Revolution Contributed by Individual
  21. Marie Therese Silver Thaler Marie Therese Silver Thaler Contributed by Individual
  22. Brass medallion from Prussia Brass medallion from Prussia Contributed by Individual
  23. Capriccio: A Colonnade Opening Capriccio: A Colonnade Opening Contributed by Museum
  24. Peter Heywood's Dirk Peter Heywood's Dirk Contributed by Museum
  25. Watkin Williams-Wynn in Rome, by Batoni Watkin Williams-Wynn in Rome, by Batoni Contributed by Museum
  26. Cast Iron Cooking Pot Cast Iron Cooking Pot Contributed by Museum
  27. Post medieval devotional plaque Post medieval devotional plaque Contributed by Individual

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