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Telling a history of our world through objects

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Theme / Art

  1. Figurine Figurine Contributed by Individual
  2. Coming of age certificate Coming of age certificate Contributed by Individual
  3. Chinese picture Chinese picture Contributed by Individual
  4. Carved statuette Carved statuette Contributed by Individual
  5. Carved emu egg Carved emu egg Contributed by Individual
  6. Bakelite egg cup Bakelite egg cup Contributed by Individual
  7. Art Deco etched vase Art Deco etched vase Contributed by Individual
  8. Advertising poster Advertising poster Contributed by Individual
  9. Advertising poster Advertising poster Contributed by Individual
  10. Saxon Glass Claw Beaker Saxon Glass Claw Beaker Contributed by Museum
  11. Anne by Gareth Neal Anne by Gareth Neal Contributed by Museum
  12. Silver Cup Silver Cup Contributed by Museum
  13. Cockerel pattern dish Cockerel pattern dish Contributed by Museum
  14. A Toy Treasure Chest to play with A Toy Treasure Chest to play with Contributed by Individual
  15. Stereoscopic viewer Stereoscopic viewer Contributed by Individual
  16. Two Japanese Figurines Two Japanese Figurines Contributed by Individual
  17. Smooth fox terrier Smooth fox terrier Contributed by Individual
  18. Persian Poetry Book Persian Poetry Book Contributed by Individual
  19. Poetry Poetry Contributed by Individual
  20. Two Japanese Drawings Two Japanese Drawings Contributed by Individual
  21. Cloisonne Floor Vase Cloisonne Floor Vase Contributed by Museum
  22. Portrait of John Reith Portrait of John Reith Contributed by Individual
  23. Galsworthy's Ink-well Galsworthy's Ink-well Contributed by Museum
  24. Lion Rampant Lion Rampant Contributed by Museum
  25. Woodpecker Tapestry Woodpecker Tapestry Contributed by Museum
  26. Priory Gatehouse gateposts Priory Gatehouse gateposts Contributed by Museum
  27. Porcelain Ribbon Plate Porcelain Ribbon Plate Contributed by Individual
  28. Olmec stone mask Olmec stone mask Contributed by The British Museum
  29. Sphinx of Taharqo Sphinx of Taharqo Contributed by The British Museum
  30. Lachish Reliefs Lachish Reliefs Contributed by The British Museum
  31. Facsimile Egyptian tomb painting Facsimile Egyptian tomb painting Contributed by Museum
  32. Bromsgrove Guild Lead Satyr mask Bromsgrove Guild Lead Satyr mask Contributed by Museum
  33. Teapot Teapot Contributed by Individual
  34. Teapot Teapot Contributed by Individual
  35. Mug Mug Contributed by Individual
  36. Mug Mug Contributed by Individual
  37. Mourning ring Mourning ring Contributed by Individual
  38. Woven reed friendship baskets Woven reed friendship baskets Contributed by Museum
  39. James McNeill Whistler's etching needles James McNeill Whistler's etching needles Contributed by Museum
  40. Model of Rhyl Pier Model of Rhyl Pier Contributed by Museum
  41. Two Drawings Two Drawings Contributed by Individual
  42. Trench Art Tapestry Trench Art Tapestry Contributed by Individual
  43. Sanderson Wells Painting Sanderson Wells Painting Contributed by Individual
  44. Metalwork - The Ardagh Chalice Metalwork - The Ardagh Chalice Contributed by Museum
  45. Pictish Sculpture - Knotwork Fragment Pictish Sculpture - Knotwork Fragment Contributed by Museum
  46. Pictish Sculpture - The 'Dragon Stone' Pictish Sculpture - The 'Dragon Stone' Contributed by Museum
  47. Heliogravure Prints Heliogravure Prints Contributed by Individual
  48. Violin Violin Contributed by Individual
  49. The Fruit Stall The Fruit Stall Contributed by Museum
  50. 'Numoli' figures 'Numoli' figures Contributed by Museum

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