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Material / Wood / BBC Area / England - Cornwall

  1. Shillelagh owned by Daniel O'Connell Shillelagh owned by Daniel O'Connell Contributed by Individual
  2. Wooden Toy Spitfire 1940 Wooden Toy Spitfire 1940 Contributed by Individual
  3. Horse drawn hearse Horse drawn hearse Contributed by Individual
  4. Padstow's Obby Oss Padstow's Obby Oss Contributed by Museum
  5. Slate Slate Contributed by Museum
  6. Miner's tull and balmaiden's clogs Miner's tull and balmaiden's clogs Contributed by Museum
  7. HMS 'Anson' beam support HMS 'Anson' beam support Contributed by Museum
  8. Nobels' stool Nobels' stool Contributed by Museum
  9. Oxy-hydrogen blowpipe Oxy-hydrogen blowpipe Contributed by Museum
  10. Falmouth quay punt 'Curlew' Falmouth quay punt 'Curlew' Contributed by Museum
  11. Photographer's chair Photographer's chair Contributed by Museum
  12. Good Shepherd plaque Good Shepherd plaque Contributed by Museum
  13. Californian tin stamps Californian tin stamps Contributed by Museum
  14. Hepworth sculpture Hepworth sculpture Contributed by Museum
  15. Trengrouse's Rocket Trengrouse's Rocket Contributed by Museum
  16. Cornish kayles Cornish kayles Contributed by Museum
  17. St Michael's Mount in cork St Michael's Mount in cork Contributed by Museum
  18. Huer's horn and bushes Huer's horn and bushes Contributed by Museum
  19. Coopers’ tools Coopers’ tools Contributed by Museum
  20. Army cradle and patchwork quilt Army cradle and patchwork quilt Contributed by Museum
  21. Shamrock barge Shamrock barge Contributed by Museum
  22. Trewithen mirror Trewithen mirror Contributed by Museum
  23. John Passmore Edwards John Passmore Edwards Contributed by Museum
  24. Opie's paint box Opie's paint box Contributed by Museum
  25. Cornish surfboards Cornish surfboards Contributed by Museum
  26. Saracen's head crest Saracen's head crest Contributed by Museum
  27. Emigrant's foot stool Emigrant's foot stool Contributed by Museum
  28. Contents of a garderobe Contents of a garderobe Contributed by Museum
  29. Turpin's caulking tools Turpin's caulking tools Contributed by Museum
  30. Cider apple mill Cider apple mill Contributed by Museum
  31. Leach wheel Leach wheel Contributed by Museum
  32. Hurling ball with Cornish motto Hurling ball with Cornish motto Contributed by Museum
  33. Tree box Tree box Contributed by Museum
  34. A piece of shipwreck A piece of shipwreck Contributed by Individual
  35. Shillelagh owned by Daniel O'Connell Shillelagh owned by Daniel O'Connell Contributed by Individual
  36. Model of HM Telegraph Ship 'Monarch' Model of HM Telegraph Ship 'Monarch' Contributed by Museum
  37. Cornwall Wrestling Association Trophy  Cornwall Wrestling Association Trophy Contributed by Individual
  38. George Herford Caravan George Herford Caravan Contributed by Individual
  39. Orton Showmans Caravan Orton Showmans Caravan Contributed by Individual
  40. Black Jamaica Walnut woodcarving Black Jamaica Walnut woodcarving Contributed by Individual
  41. Swift 10HP Light Car Swift 10HP Light Car Contributed by Individual
  42. Fairground Steam Yachts Fairground Steam Yachts Contributed by Individual
  43. Clinker built boat called Pat Clinker built boat called Pat Contributed by Individual
  44. Crucifix Crucifix Contributed by Individual
  45. Funeral Bier Funeral Bier Contributed by Individual
  46. Shve Horse Shve Horse Contributed by Individual
  47. Cricket bat Cricket bat Contributed by Individual
  48. Sheep Show Box Sheep Show Box Contributed by Individual
  49. Shave Horse Shave Horse Contributed by Individual
  50. Pig Scudder Pig Scudder Contributed by Individual