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Telling a history of our world through objects

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  1. Wooden Toy Spitfire 1940 Wooden Toy Spitfire 1940 Contributed by Individual
  2. Mercury bottle Mercury bottle Contributed by Museum
  3. War diaries War diaries Contributed by Museum
  4. Glasney College finds Glasney College finds Contributed by Museum
  5. Flints (arrowheads, spearheads) Flints (arrowheads, spearheads) Contributed by Museum
  6. Delft tile of a dolphin Delft tile of a dolphin Contributed by Museum
  7. Croggon's boots Croggon's boots Contributed by Museum
  8. Cornish pasty money box Cornish pasty money box Contributed by Museum
  9. Dock dung Dock dung Contributed by Museum
  10. Methodist font Methodist font Contributed by Museum
  11. Women's Land Army armbands Women's Land Army armbands Contributed by Museum
  12. Pears soap Pears soap Contributed by Museum
  13. Lostwithiel's crucifixion figure Lostwithiel's crucifixion figure Contributed by Museum
  14. Cornish gold necklace Cornish gold necklace Contributed by Museum
  15. Norman silver penny Norman silver penny Contributed by Museum
  16. Contents of a garderobe Contents of a garderobe Contributed by Museum
  17. Turpin's caulking tools Turpin's caulking tools Contributed by Museum
  18. Hurling ball with Cornish motto Hurling ball with Cornish motto Contributed by Museum
  19. Mexican football medal Mexican football medal Contributed by Museum
  20. Souvenir beach hut Souvenir beach hut Contributed by Museum
  21. British Empire Medal British Empire Medal Contributed by Individual
  22. Rose given to Dodford Chartist settlers Rose given to Dodford Chartist settlers Contributed by Individual
  23. First Commercial Transistor First Commercial Transistor Contributed by Individual
  24. Straw marquetry boat Straw marquetry boat Contributed by Individual
  25. Pen Nib Pen Nib Contributed by Individual
  26. Apothecary Ring Apothecary Ring Contributed by Individual
  27. Jan Tregagle Booklet Jan Tregagle Booklet Contributed by Individual
  28. Retro synchronised swim hat Retro synchronised swim hat Contributed by Individual
  29. Gurkha General Service Medal from Iraq Gurkha General Service Medal from Iraq Contributed by Individual
  30. Pectoral cross Pectoral cross Contributed by Individual
  31. Wedding ring Wedding ring Contributed by Individual
  32. Wedding ring Wedding ring Contributed by Individual
  33. A brass 4.5 Howitzer shell case A brass 4.5 Howitzer shell case Contributed by Individual
  34. Necklace from the Great War Necklace from the Great War Contributed by Individual
  35. Brass flower oil stand Brass flower oil stand Contributed by Individual
  36. Sketchbook EM Wimperis Sketchbook EM Wimperis Contributed by Individual

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