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Theme / Art / BBC Area / England - Cornwall

  1. Padstow's Obby Oss Padstow's Obby Oss Contributed by Museum
  2. Newlyn copper plaques Newlyn copper plaques Contributed by Museum
  3. HMS 'Anson' beam support HMS 'Anson' beam support Contributed by Museum
  4. Dolly Pentreath Dolly Pentreath Contributed by Museum
  5. Cornish porcelain Cornish porcelain Contributed by Museum
  6. Good Shepherd plaque Good Shepherd plaque Contributed by Museum
  7. Glasney College finds Glasney College finds Contributed by Museum
  8. Delft tile of a dolphin Delft tile of a dolphin Contributed by Museum
  9. Bone ship model Bone ship model Contributed by Museum
  10. Lanhydrock Atlas Lanhydrock Atlas Contributed by Museum
  11. Cartoon of St Nazaire Raid Cartoon of St Nazaire Raid Contributed by Museum
  12. Bevill Grenvile Bevill Grenvile Contributed by Museum
  13. Hepworth sculpture Hepworth sculpture Contributed by Museum
  14. Edgcumbe altar frontal Edgcumbe altar frontal Contributed by Museum
  15. St Michael's Mount in cork St Michael's Mount in cork Contributed by Museum
  16. Fisherwoman on a beach Fisherwoman on a beach Contributed by Museum
  17. Mount Edgcumbe estate workers Mount Edgcumbe estate workers Contributed by Museum
  18. Along shore fisherman Along shore fisherman Contributed by Museum
  19. Trewithen mirror Trewithen mirror Contributed by Museum
  20. John Passmore Edwards John Passmore Edwards Contributed by Museum
  21. Opie's paint box Opie's paint box Contributed by Museum
  22. Lostwithiel's crucifixion figure Lostwithiel's crucifixion figure Contributed by Museum
  23. Cornish gold necklace Cornish gold necklace Contributed by Museum
  24. John Couch Adams bust John Couch Adams bust Contributed by Museum
  25. Richard Earl of Cornwall's tile Richard Earl of Cornwall's tile Contributed by Museum
  26. Head of 'Dix' Head of 'Dix' Contributed by Museum
  27. Richard Carew Richard Carew Contributed by Museum
  28. Leach wheel Leach wheel Contributed by Museum
  29. Papyrus Papyrus Contributed by Individual
  30. Straw marquetry boat Straw marquetry boat Contributed by Individual
  31. Corn Dolly - Topsham Cross Corn Dolly - Topsham Cross Contributed by Individual
  32. Opium pipe Opium pipe Contributed by Individual
  33. Modern Scrap Sculpture Modern Scrap Sculpture Contributed by Individual
  34. Pen Nib Pen Nib Contributed by Individual
  35. Basque bracelet Basque bracelet Contributed by Individual
  36. Apothecary Ring Apothecary Ring Contributed by Individual
  37. Corn Dolly Corn Dolly Contributed by Individual
  38. Jan Tregagle Booklet Jan Tregagle Booklet Contributed by Individual
  39. Fairground Organ Fairground Organ Contributed by Individual
  40. Wedding ring Wedding ring Contributed by Individual
  41. Wedding ring Wedding ring Contributed by Individual
  42. Sketchbook EM Wimperis Sketchbook EM Wimperis Contributed by Individual
  43. Newlyn School painting Newlyn School painting Contributed by Museum

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