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BBC Area / Scotland - South Scotland

  1. Replica of the world's first bicycle Replica of the world's first bicycle Contributed by Museum
  2. Statuette of Jupiter Statuette of Jupiter Contributed by Museum
  3. Jack Foggo trip to America 1928 age 14 Jack Foggo trip to America 1928 age 14 Contributed by Individual
  4. Sir John Ross's Beef Can Sir John Ross's Beef Can Contributed by Museum
  5. The Levi Strauss Trophy The Levi Strauss Trophy Contributed by Museum
  6. Harkness Drill Plough Harkness Drill Plough Contributed by Individual
  7. Ripple Flaked Arrowhead Ripple Flaked Arrowhead Contributed by Museum
  8. Bronze Flat Axe Bronze Flat Axe Contributed by Museum
  9. Food Vessel Food Vessel Contributed by Museum
  10. Butter or 'Scotch' Hands Butter or 'Scotch' Hands Contributed by Museum
  11. Butter Churn Butter Churn Contributed by Museum
  12. The Chilcarroch Plough The Chilcarroch Plough Contributed by Museum
  13. Dansette Major Record Player Dansette Major Record Player Contributed by Individual
  14. Bronze Age Cist Burial Bronze Age Cist Burial Contributed by Museum
  15. Altar to Minerva. Altar to Minerva. Contributed by Museum
  16. Measuring Stick, 1762. Measuring Stick, 1762. Contributed by Museum
  17. Late Bronze Age Hoard Late Bronze Age Hoard Contributed by Museum
  18. Slave Beads, West Coast of Africa, 1780s Slave Beads, West Coast of Africa, 1780s Contributed by Museum
  19. Robert Burns cravat pin Robert Burns cravat pin Contributed by Museum
  20. The Kirkcudbright 'Siller' (Silver) Gun The Kirkcudbright 'Siller' (Silver) Gun Contributed by Museum
  21. Gloves knitted in the Sanquhar pattern Gloves knitted in the Sanquhar pattern Contributed by Museum

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