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Telling a history of our world through objects

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Material / Metal / BBC Area / Scotland - Edinburgh & E Scotland

  1. Polish Cooking Pot journeyed to Scotland Polish Cooking Pot journeyed to Scotland Contributed by Individual
  2. Miniature Pill Boy Miniature Pill Boy Contributed by Individual
  3. Austrian Carriage Clock Austrian Carriage Clock Contributed by Individual
  4. Golden Brooch Golden Brooch Contributed by Individual
  5. BMW R series GS Motorcycle BMW R series GS Motorcycle Contributed by Individual
  6. High Tech and Low Tech High Tech and Low Tech Contributed by Individual
  7. Tiger Tooth Brooch Tiger Tooth Brooch Contributed by Individual
  8. Coronation Lightbulb Coronation Lightbulb Contributed by Individual
  9. Horn Beaker Horn Beaker Contributed by Individual
  10. Box with Miniature Paintings Box with Miniature Paintings Contributed by Individual
  11. Ellesmere locomotive Ellesmere locomotive Contributed by Museum
  12. Bionic Hand Bionic Hand Contributed by Museum
  13. Newcomen Engine Newcomen Engine Contributed by Museum
  14. Beam Engine Beam Engine Contributed by Museum
  15. Tallow Lamp Tallow Lamp Contributed by Museum
  16. Colliery Ambulance Trolley Colliery Ambulance Trolley Contributed by Museum
  17. Prestongrange Brickworks Wagon Prestongrange Brickworks Wagon Contributed by Museum
  18. Concorde Concorde Contributed by Museum
  19. The Darien Chest The Darien Chest Contributed by Museum
  20. Time Ball on the Nelson Monument Time Ball on the Nelson Monument Contributed by Museum
  21. Postal Worker Brass Button Postal Worker Brass Button Contributed by Individual