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Telling a history of our world through objects

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Material / Metal / BBC Area / Scotland - Tayside & Central

  1. Royal typewriter Royal typewriter Contributed by Individual
  2. Chinese coin Chinese coin Contributed by Individual
  3. War Medal War Medal Contributed by Individual
  4. primary 6 intresting relic primary 6 intresting relic Contributed by Individual
  5. Great War Cigarette Tin Great War Cigarette Tin Contributed by Individual
  6. Medieval Ecclesiatical Box Medieval Ecclesiatical Box Contributed by Museum
  7. 18th Century Ships Compass 18th Century Ships Compass Contributed by Museum
  8. Stirling Pint Jug or Stoup Stirling Pint Jug or Stoup Contributed by Museum
  9. Murdoch Steam Engine Murdoch Steam Engine Contributed by Museum
  10. X-Ray Protection Mask X-Ray Protection Mask Contributed by Museum
  11. Reverend James Guthrie's Ring Reverend James Guthrie's Ring Contributed by Museum
  12. Applemac Applemac Contributed by Individual
  13. Stevenson's Bell Rock Lighthouse Model Stevenson's Bell Rock Lighthouse Model Contributed by Museum
  14. Medieval Pilgrim badge Medieval Pilgrim badge Contributed by Museum
  15. Medieval mirror case Medieval mirror case Contributed by Museum
  16. World's first fish farm container World's first fish farm container Contributed by Museum
  17. Broadsword Broadsword Contributed by Museum