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Theme / Government / BBC Area / Northern Ireland

  1. Poster proclaiming Irish Republic, 1916 Poster proclaiming Irish Republic, 1916 Contributed by Museum
  2. Irish famine relief tokens Irish famine relief tokens Contributed by Museum
  3. The Bastille Jug The Bastille Jug Contributed by Museum
  4. Parliament Buildings Folder Parliament Buildings Folder Contributed by Individual
  5. Nixon Campaign Badges Nixon Campaign Badges Contributed by Individual
  6. JFK Car Souvenir JFK Car Souvenir Contributed by Individual
  7. Parnell Commemorative Medallion Parnell Commemorative Medallion Contributed by Individual
  8. The O'Neills' Inauguration Chair The O'Neills' Inauguration Chair Contributed by Museum
  9. Scold's Bridle Scold's Bridle Contributed by Museum
  10. Grand Jury Presentments Grand Jury Presentments Contributed by Individual
  11. Gulliver's Travels, first edition 1726 Gulliver's Travels, first edition 1726 Contributed by Museum
  12. Peace Train boards Peace Train boards Contributed by Museum
  13. Brookeborough Coat of Arms Brookeborough Coat of Arms Contributed by Individual
  14. Lord Brookeborough's Horseshoe Lord Brookeborough's Horseshoe Contributed by Individual
  15. Gun Runner's Flag Gun Runner's Flag Contributed by Museum
  16. Mortar Mortar Contributed by Museum
  17. The Bramhall Chair The Bramhall Chair Contributed by Museum
  18. Good Friday Agreement Good Friday Agreement Contributed by Museum
  19. Ulster Appeal postcard Ulster Appeal postcard Contributed by Museum
  20. Piece of the Berlin Wall Piece of the Berlin Wall Contributed by Individual
  21. 1922 Letter to King George V 1922 Letter to King George V Contributed by Individual