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Material / Wood / BBC Area / England - Lancashire

  1. cotton reel cotton reel Contributed by Individual
  2. Blackpool Illuminations Switch-on Switch Blackpool Illuminations Switch-on Switch Contributed by Museum
  3. Homeopathy Box Homeopathy Box Contributed by Individual
  4. Miniature set of drawers Miniature set of drawers Contributed by Individual
  5. grandmother clock grandmother clock Contributed by Individual
  6. A wooden cigarette box A wooden cigarette box Contributed by Individual
  7. First World War Souvenir - silk and wood First World War Souvenir - silk and wood Contributed by Individual
  8. Tenter Hooks Tenter Hooks Contributed by Museum
  9. Improved Spinning Jenny Improved Spinning Jenny Contributed by Museum
  10. The Rawlinson Bookcase The Rawlinson Bookcase Contributed by Museum
  11. The Gillows Workbox The Gillows Workbox Contributed by Museum
  12. Arkwright's Water Frame spinning machine Arkwright's Water Frame spinning machine Contributed by Museum
  13. Northrop 'Model T' Automatic Loom Northrop 'Model T' Automatic Loom Contributed by Museum