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Telling a history of our world through objects

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Colour / Black / BBC Area / England - Lancashire

  1. Bomb Disposal Poster from 1942 Bomb Disposal Poster from 1942 Contributed by Individual
  2. Blackpool Illuminations Switch-on Switch Blackpool Illuminations Switch-on Switch Contributed by Museum
  3. Set of World War 1 Christmas Cards Set of World War 1 Christmas Cards Contributed by Individual
  4. Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Contributed by Individual
  5. Improved Spinning Jenny Improved Spinning Jenny Contributed by Museum
  6. The apple iphone The apple iphone Contributed by Individual
  7. Display dish "Empress of Ireland" Display dish "Empress of Ireland" Contributed by Individual
  8. The Silicon Transistor The Silicon Transistor Contributed by Individual

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