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Theme / Clothing / BBC Area / Scotland

  1. 1960 Box of Clothes Dyes 1960 Box of Clothes Dyes Contributed by Individual
  2. Votes for women sash Votes for women sash Contributed by Museum
  3. Billy Connolly's Banana Boots Billy Connolly's Banana Boots Contributed by Museum
  4. Roman wooden comb   Roman wooden comb Contributed by Museum
  5. Ghost Dance Shirt Ghost Dance Shirt Contributed by Museum
  6. Silver Box Silver Box Contributed by Individual
  7. Replica Copper Armlet Replica Copper Armlet Contributed by Museum
  8. Golden Brooch Golden Brooch Contributed by Individual
  9. Tiger Tooth Brooch Tiger Tooth Brooch Contributed by Individual
  10. Roman enamelled brooch Roman enamelled brooch Contributed by Museum
  11. Wool carders Wool carders Contributed by Museum
  12. Crois Iarna Crois Iarna Contributed by Museum
  13. Silver Gilt Brooch Silver Gilt Brooch Contributed by Museum
  14. Roman child’s leather shoe Roman child’s leather shoe Contributed by Museum
  15. Bag from Tonga Bag from Tonga Contributed by Museum
  16. Feather tippet Feather tippet Contributed by Museum
  17. My grandfathers pocket watch My grandfathers pocket watch Contributed by Individual
  18. First Sutherland Volunteers Uniform First Sutherland Volunteers Uniform Contributed by Museum
  19. Robert Burns cravat pin Robert Burns cravat pin Contributed by Museum
  20. Jean-Jacques Rousseau by Allan Ramsay Jean-Jacques Rousseau by Allan Ramsay Contributed by Museum
  21. 'Fair Isle' patterned jumper 'Fair Isle' patterned jumper Contributed by Museum
  22. Paisley shawl Paisley shawl Contributed by Museum
  23. Gloves knitted in the Sanquhar pattern Gloves knitted in the Sanquhar pattern Contributed by Museum
  24. Acme Wringer Pamphlet Acme Wringer Pamphlet Contributed by Individual
  25. Finger ring of polished grey granite Finger ring of polished grey granite Contributed by Individual
  26. knitting stick knitting stick Contributed by Individual

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