Have your say about MyDisplay

Release 1.1 of MyDisplay is a trial release.

This means that there are limitations to what MyDisplay can currently do, and you may find some bugs in the way it personalises some pages on BBC Online.

We really value your feedback on places where the tool hasn't worked for you, or where changes to what the tool does to a page could make things better.

If you wish to tell us where the tool could be improved, please check the Known Bugs and Limitations of MyDisplay to see if we already are working on a solution.

If we're not, please email us at mydisplay@bbc.co.uk, telling us:

  • about any problems you have had using MyDisplay
  • what you liked about MyDisplay
  • how you would like to see MyDisplay improved
  • Which theme you used on MyDisplay, or did you create your own?
  • Your Name (Optional)

Latest news on MyDisplay

September 16th 2011: My Display Trial Closes – The BBC would like to thank all the participants and organisations involved in the user trial and for their expertise, input and valued feedback. All the insights gained from the trial will enable further research and investigation into interface customisation for people with vision and cognitive disabilities.

May 18th 2011: Release 1.2 of MyDisplay goes live - New toolbar makes it easier to turn MyDisplay on/off and change theme when viewing different pages

Apr 15th 2011: Release 1.1 of MyDisplay goes live

Dec 20th 2010: MyDisplay trial goes live

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