Future releases

MyDisplay already works well on smartphones, on both the BBC classic/desktop site and the BBC mobile site. We've already tested it on Android and iPhone, and will be doing more testing on other mobiles in the future. We're also planning to do further research on the needs of MyDisplay users on mobile phones, to see whether the themes that work best for you on your computer are the same or different than on mobile phones.

We are looking at the possibility of sharing MyDisplay technology with other non-BBC websites so you can use your themes on those sites too.

We are also looking at the possibility of allowing you to use your themes on future BBC IPTV platforms.

Latest news on MyDisplay

September 16th 2011: My Display Trial Closes – The BBC would like to thank all the participants and organisations involved in the user trial and for their expertise, input and valued feedback. All the insights gained from the trial will enable further research and investigation into interface customisation for people with vision and cognitive disabilities.

May 18th 2011: Release 1.2 of MyDisplay goes live - New toolbar makes it easier to turn MyDisplay on/off and change theme when viewing different pages

Apr 15th 2011: Release 1.1 of MyDisplay goes live

Dec 20th 2010: MyDisplay trial goes live

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