What is MyDisplay?

MyDisplay is a new tool from the BBC which allows you to get BBC Online in a way which better suits your needs and preferences.

This trial release allows you to change the way the whole BBC Online site looks by choosing a theme for how the site should look on your computer.

It also allows you to store your theme in a BBC iD account so you can use your theme on any computer you use.

Who is MyDisplay for and how does it help?

This trial version of MyDisplay includes pre-set themes that we have found to help:

  • people who have difficulty with reading or are dyslexic
  • people who have limited vision
  • people who have ADHD
  • people who have Asperger’s

It also allows you to create your own theme by selecting your choice of:

  • text size, spacing, font and style
  • text and background colour
  • how links should look
  • how images should be displayed
  • original or list view

What's a trial release?

This means that this is the first release of MyDisplay that we have released to the public.

So there are limitations to what MyDisplay can currently do, and you may find some bugs in the way it changes the look of some pages on BBC Online.

We have already done lots of testing of MyDisplay with people with dyslexia, literacy difficulties, ADHD and Aspergers.

So we know it's useful for the people who have used it so far.

Now we want more people to try it and give some feedback on how it works for them.

The trial will last for 6 months, and is designed to gather feedback to help us work out how useful MyDisplay is in practice and how we should use the technology in the future.

So if you like MyDisplay, or like the idea of it but find some problems, we want you to tell us how it should develop, to meet your needs.

Why has the BBC created MyDisplay?

While we design BBC Online websites to be easy to use for as many people as we can, often we are told by our users that they would get a better experience if they could change some aspect of the site to better suit their needs or preferences.

MyDisplay replaces and builds on the various tools that individual sites on BBC Online have included in the past to help users make these changes, to give one tool which works across all of BBC Online.

Latest news on MyDisplay

September 16th 2011: My Display Trial Closes – The BBC would like to thank all the participants and organisations involved in the user trial and for their expertise, input and valued feedback. All the insights gained from the trial will enable further research and investigation into interface customisation for people with vision and cognitive disabilities.

May 18th 2011: Release 1.2 of MyDisplay goes live - New toolbar makes it easier to turn MyDisplay on/off and change theme when viewing different pages

Apr 15th 2011: Release 1.1 of MyDisplay goes live

Dec 20th 2010: MyDisplay trial goes live

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