How to change your fonts in Google Chrome for Windows

This page explains step-by-step how to change the fonts in the Google Chrome web browser running on Windows systems for every time you surf the internet.

Change the fonts in Google Chrome

Note: If you only want to change the font size temporarily, see the How to make text larger in Google Chrome guide.

Step 1: Open the 'Fonts and Languages' window

Click on the Spanner menu icon at the top right, as shown in Fig 1, or press Shift + Alt + T to access the toolbar, then press the right arrow key until 'Customise and control Google Chrome' is highlighted, and then press Enter.

Fig 1Google Chrome menu bar showing drop-down Spanner menu

Click on 'Options' in the drop-down menu or press O.

In the 'Google Chrome Options' window (Fig 2), click the 'Under the Bonnet' tab (it's called 'Under the Hood' in US English versions). Alternatively, press Tab if necessary until one of the tabs is highlighted, then use the left and right arrow keys to cycle through the tabs until 'Under the Bonnet' is selected.

Fig 2'Google Chrome Options' window, showing 'Under the Hood' tab

Click on the 'Change font and language settings' button (you may need to scroll down to see it). This window does not have a keyboard-friendly alternative: you will need to press Tab and check whether you can then use the down arrow key to scroll down. If not, repeat until you are able to use the down arrow key. Scroll down until you can see the 'Change font and language settings' button, then press Tab repeatedly until the button is highlighted and then press Enter.

Step 2: Choose the fonts for all web pages you visit

In the 'Fonts and Languages' window, select the 'Fonts and Encoding' tab, as shown in Fig 3. Click the 'Change' button beside the font style you wish to change (Serif Font, Sans-Serif Font or Fixed-width Font), or press Tab until it is highlighted and then press Enter.

Fig 3Google Chrome 'Fonts and Languages' window

In the 'Font' window (Fig 4), click to select the font name, style and size you want. Alternatively, navigate by pressing Tab or by pressing Alt + F to select 'Font', Alt + Y to select 'Font style' and Alt + S to select 'Size'. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the font options as required.

Fig 4Google Chrome 'Font' window

When you are satisfied with your font options, click the 'OK' button, or press Tab until it is highlighted and then press Enter.

This returns you to the 'Fonts and Languages' window (Fig 3), where you can repeat the steps for the other font types, if desired. Otherwise, click the 'OK' button, or press Tab until it is highlighted and then press Enter, to return to the 'Google Chrome Options' window.

Click the 'Close' button, or press Tab until it is highlighted and then press Enter, to finish and return to Google Chrome.

Note: If this does not work it could be because your computer settings cannot be changed due to local IT policies - contact your local IT support for further help.

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