Case studies

How users with different abilities adapt the way they use the web
Geoff Adams-Spink


Geoff Adams-Spink - the BBC's Age and Disability Correspondent - introduces us to Robin Christopherson, a screenreader user, Darren Carr, a head-mouse user, and Mayo Marriot, a speech-recognition software user. Geoff interviews these three to discover how they use the internet and navigate around web pages using their access technology.

Darren Carr


Darren Carr has severe motor impairment - he is unable to use his hands or arms. In this video, Darren shows how he uses his head-mouse and on-screen keyboard to access a desktop PC and navigate websites.

Mayo Marriot


Mayo Marriot has a severe motor disability and is unable to use his hands or arms. To access his computer, and for navigating about and between websites, he uses voice-recognition software.

Robin Christopherson


Robin Christopherson is blind and uses a screenreader to access his desktop computer applications and the internet. In this video, Robin shows us how he navigates the internet and how the Jaws screenreader reads out web pages.

Geoff Adams-Spink


Geoff Adams-Spink is partially sighted and finds website content difficult to see. In this clip, Geoff shows how he uses ZoomText to 'zoom into pages', increasing the size of text and web pages on his computer.

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