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Bill Bryson standing with wombles Watch Panorama: Notes on a Dirty Island

Notes on a Dirty Island

Writer Bill Bryson reports on his outrage at the way people treat Britain like a rubbish tip and looks at how we can clean up our act.


Bird's nest stadium Watch Panorama: China's Olympic Promise

China's Olympic Promise

Ahead of the Olympics Panorama reporter John Sweeney went to China to test the government's promise of more openness.


Judge Stephen Gold Watch Panorama: Can We Afford to Fill Up?

Can We Afford to Fill Up?

Panorama reports on how high fuel prices are affecting all of us and at what we might do to kick our oil addiction.


Judge Stephen Gold Watch Panorama: Friends in High Places

Friends in High Places

Panorama investigates allegations that the government has been in cahoots with BAA over the expansion of Heathrow Airport.


Judge Stephen Gold Watch Panorama: China's Secret War

China's Secret War

After months investigating China's covert arms trade, Panorama provides the first evidence of how China is arming Sudan's killers, all for the sake of oil.


Judge Stephen Gold Watch Panorama: NHS for Sale

NHS for Sale

As the National Health Service marks 60 years, Panorama: NHS for Sale asks how secure its public funding is as the role of the private sector increases.


Judge Stephen Gold Watch Panorama: Young Gunmen

Young Gunmen

Panorama comes face to face with young gunmen in an investigation into the rise of armed teenage street gangs.


Judge Stephen Gold Watch Panorama: Primark: On the Rack

Primark: On the Rack

Clothing chain Primark sacks three of its Indian suppliers after a Panorama investigation shows child labour may have been used to finish the clothes.


Judge Stephen Gold Watch Panorama: Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery

Panorama investigates claims that as much as $23bn (�11.75bn) may have been lost, stolen or not properly accounted for in Iraq.


Judge Stephen Gold Watch Panorama: How not to lose your home

How not to lose your home

Judge Stephen Gold explains how to avoid repossessions.


Girl on the Internet Watch Panorama: One Click from Capture

One Click from Capture

How Panorama helped expose a paedophile using the internet to groom teenage girls for sex.


Disabled badge sign Watch Panorama: Britain on the Sick

Britain on the Sick

Shelley Jofre reported on the difficulties of coming off incapacity benefit. Read what you have been saying about the issue.


A SATs monster Watch Panorama: Tested to Destruction

Tested to Destruction

As 11-year-old across England begin their SATs tests at school, Panorama asks whether schoolchildren are facing too much exam pressure.


Prisoners walking Watch Panorama: Prisons unlocked

Prisons unlocked

Panorama investigates claims that unsuitable and dangerous convicts are being sent to open prisons to help solve the overcrowding crisis.


Warning sign Watch Panorama: Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

Panorama talks to ex-militia leaders accused of murdering men, women and children. They now face war crimes charges.


Warning sign Watch Panorama: How Safe is Your Hospital?

How Safe is Your Hospital?

The superbug c.difficile is rife in our hospitals. Sally Magnusson reveals how sloppy hygiene, understaffing and overcrowded wards contributed to its spread.


Plane takes off Watch Panorama: Something in the Air

Something in the Air

Can polluted air on board planes damage your health? Panorama carries out its own tests to discover just what's in the air we breathe when we fly.


Denise Taljaard Watch Panorama: Feeling the Pinch

Feeling the Pinch

BBC Business presenter Declan Curry asks if Britain has what it takes to weather the storm of the global forces buffeting our economy.


A peace line Watch Panorama Jersey: Divide and Rule

Divide and Rule

Ten years on from the Good Friday Agreement, Declan Lawn returns to Northern Ireland to see how far lives have changed.


Haut de la Garenne Watch Panorama Jersey: Island of Secrets

Jersey: Island of Secrets

As police continue their investigations into allegations of abuse at Haute de la Garenne, Panorama looks at claims of abuse at a second home.


Vulnerable young girl Watch Panorama Teenage Sex For Sale with subtitles

Teenage Sex For Sale: Panorama

Girls as young as 12 are being sold for sex by organised gangs on the streets of Britain, Gerry Northam investigates for Panorama.


Shaken Babies Watch Panorama Shaken Babies with subtitles

Shaken Babies

Panorama's John Sweeney investigates the row behind Shaken Baby Syndrome following the conviction of childminder Keran Henderson.


Taking Back the Streets Watch Panorama Taking Back the Streets with subtitles

Taking Back the Streets

Richard Bilton looks at the dilemma of whether to tackle vandals and teenage gangs or to surrender the streets and thus create more victims.


On Whose Orders? Watch Panorama On Whose Orders? with subtitles

On Whose Orders?

Panorama investigates allegations of abuse by the British Army against former Iraqi prisoners who are now claiming compensation.


Bottled Water: Who Needs It? Watch Panorama Bottled Water: Who Needs It? with subtitles

Bottled Water: Who Needs It?

Tom Heap sets out to discover if the popularity of bottled water is a triumph of marketing over common sense.


No More Mandelas Watch Panorama No More Mandelas with subtitles

No More Mandelas

Fergal Keane witnessed the end of apartheid. He returns to South Africa for Panorama, to find out what happened to the hope from that time.


Bursting the House Price Bubble

Bursting the House Price Bubble

Panorama discovers how the buy-to-let dream for some investors has turned into a nightmare.


Cocaine: Alex James in Colombia Watch Panorama Cocaine: Alex James in Colombia with subtitles

Cocaine: Alex James in Colombia

Alex James confessed to spending a million pounds on champagne and cocaine in his Blur years. He travels to Colombia to see the damage caused by the drug.


Britain's Protection Racket Watch Panorama Britain's Protection Racket with subtitles

Britain's Protection Racket

Panorama goes undercover in Britain's security industry and discovers criminals continue to operate in the business.


Destination UK Watch Panorama Destination UK with subtitles

Destination UK

Panorama's Paul Kenyon follows one of the most dangerous illegal immigration routes into Europe. A route used by thousands of migrants seeking a better life.


One Click from Danger Watch Panorama One Click from Danger with subtitles

One Click from Danger

Panorama returns with an investigation into how paedophiles are using the internet as a tool to make contact with unsuspecting teenagers.


Basra: The Legacy Watch Panorama Basra: The Legacy with subtitles

Basra: The Legacy

As British troops hand over security control in southern Iraq, Panorama asks what sort of place will British troops be leaving behind.



The Battle for Basra Palace Watch Panorama The Battle for Basra Palace with subtitles

The Battle for Basra Palace

Jane Corbin returns to Iraq as Britain hands over security control for Basra Province and tells the story of the last British fight in southern Iraq.


Please Look After Dad Watch Panorama Please Look After Dad with subtitles

Please Look After Dad

Panorama reveals that anti-psychotic drugs frequently prescribed to treat dementia patients could shorten lives and, if used over long periods, don't work.


The Mystery of Madeleine McCann Watch Panorama The Mystery of Madeleine McCann with subtitles

The Mystery of Madeleine McCann

Gerry McCann speaks in a personal video of his belief that his family was watched in the days before his daughter vanished.


What Next for Craig? Watch Panorama What Next for Craig? with subtitles

What Next for Craig?

Reporter, Shelley Jofre reveals that new research shows giving children drugs for ADHD works no better than doing nothing in the long-term.


Panorama Special -Taking on the Taleban -The Soldiers' Story Watch Panorama Panorama Special -Taking on the Taleban -The Soldiers' Story with subtitles

Panorama Special -Taking on the Taleban -The Soldiers' Story

Panorama follows a unit of British soldiers in Afghanistan during a tour that ended with one of them dead and 12 seriously wounded.


Panorama Special Kidnapped: The Alan Johnston Story Watch Panorama Panorama Special Kidnapped: The Alan Johnston Story with subtitles

Panorama Special Kidnapped: The Alan Johnston Story

The Panorama Special tells the extraordinary story of the BBC correspondent's 114 days held in captivity by the Army of Islam in Gaza.


Fifa and Coe Watch Panorama Fifa and Coe with subtitles

Fifa and Coe

Panorama's Andrew Jennings investigates new allegations against Fifa officials and asks if Fifa ethics chief Seb Coe can expect 'fair play' from the rulers of the beautiful game.


Is America Ready For A Black President? Watch Panorama Is America Ready For A Black President? with subtitles

Is America Ready For A Black President?

Panorama asks whether the US is ready for a black president. Barack Obama has been described as a political sensation - but can he overcome racial divisions?


Sub-prime Suspect Watch Panorama Sub-prime Suspect with subtitles

Sub-prime Suspect

Panorama finds out if the mis-selling of mortgages to those with bad credit records could cause a financial crisis in Britain.


How I became a Muslim extremist Watch Panorama How I became a Muslim extremist with subtitles

How I became a Muslim extremist

talks to Shiraz Maher, a former member of the Muslim extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir which campaigns for an Islamic state.


Give Us Your DNA Watch Panorama Give Us Your DNA with subtitles

Give Us Your DNA

A specially commissioned opinion poll for Panorama has revealed that two thirds of people would be in favour of a national DNA database.


Wasting police time Watch Panorama Wasting police timexxx with subtitles

Wasting police time

Police officers tell Panorama how paperwork and pressure to meet government targets is making it harder to do their job.


Destination Europe Watch Panorama Destination Europe with subtitles

Destination Europe

Panorama reports on the hazardous journey of 27 migrants trying to get to Europe from Africa and discovers how criminal gangs are cashing in on people trafficking.


Real Apprentices Watch Panorama Real Apprentices with subtitles

Real Apprentices

Britain's booming, says Gordon Brown - so how come so many young people can't - or won't - get jobs? Panorama meets four young men from Swindon trying to break the habit of unemployment.


Dog-Fighting Undercover Watch Panorama Dog-Fighting Undercover with subtitles

Dog-Fighting Undercover

For 18 months a Panorama undercover team has been operating alongside hard-core dog-fighting gangs in the UK and Europe, capturing on camera the savagery of organised dog-fights.


Return to Gaza Watch Panorama Return to Gaza with subtitles

Return to Gaza

Six weeks after the release of Alan Johnston, Panorama returns to Gaza to examine what has become of the place now the world has looked away again.


On a Knife Edge Watch Panorama On a Knife Edge with subtitles

On a Knife Edge

As the number of youths killed on the streets of London this year rises, with more victims across the country, Panorama profiles two 15-year-old boys on the fringe of gang culture.


Keeping Britain Dry Watch Panorama Keeping Britain Drywith subtitles

Keeping Britain Dry

Panorama asks how much the floods have cost the UK and how much more we are prepared to spend to defend the country from future downpours.


Children's Fight Club Watch Panorama Children's Fight Club with subtitles

Children's Fight Club

Police chiefs urge websites to remove violent video footage of children fighting, following a BBC probe.

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