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Watch Lifeline July 2008 with subtitles

July 2008's Lifeline Appeal

Matt Allwrig

Debra Stephenson appeals on behalf of Home-Start UK, the charity that supports parents of young children going through difficult times.

Watch Lifeline June 2008 with subtitles

June 2008's Lifeline Appeal

Jeremy Edwards travels to Laos to appeal on behalf of Power International, the charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities in poorer countries.

Watch Lifeline May 2008 with subtitles

May 2008's Lifeline Appeal

Dame Kelly Holmes appeals on behalf of Dreams Come True, the charity that makes the dreams of terminally or seriously ill children become a reality.

Watch Lifeline April 2008 with subtitles

April 2008's Lifeline Appeal

Matt Allwrig

Jonathan Ross volunteers as a driver for Contact the Elderly, a charity which helps people aged 75 or older who are lonely, live at home on their own and are unable to easily get out of the house unaided.

Watch Lifeline March 2008 with subtitles

March 2008's Lifeline Appeal

Matt Allwrig

Matt Allwright appeals on behalf of Remap, the charity that provides one-off technical aids which help disabled people of all ages enjoy a better lifestyle.

Watch Lifeline February 2008 with subtitles

February 2008's Lifeline Appeal

Clare Grogan

Clare Grogan appeals on behalf of British Association for Adoption & Fostering, the charity that helps find secure, loving families for children who can no longer live at home. Their work begins while children are waiting to be fostered or adopted, and influences every aspect of child care in the UK.

Watch Lifeline January 2008 with subtitles

January 2008's Lifeline Appeal

Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris appeals on behalf of Phab, the charity dedicated to getting people with and without disabilities together, to learn from each other and have fun.

Watch Lifeline Missing People with subtitles

December 2007's Lifeline Appeal

Amanda Lamb appeals on behalf of Missing People (formerly the National Missing Persons Helpline), the UK's only charity working with young runaways, missing and unidentified people, their families and friends.

Watch Lifeline The International Award with subtitles

November 2007's Lifeline Appeal

Alice Beer appeals on behalf of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award International Association, the youth development programme for 14-25 year olds worldwide.

Watch Lifeline Road Peace with subtitles

October 2007's Lifeline Appeal

Road Peace

Watch Lifeline 20th Anniversary programme with subtitles

October 2007's Lifeline Appeal

20th Anniversary programme

Watch Lifeline Music in Hospitals with subtitles

September 2007's Lifeline Appeal

Music in Hospitals

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