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Step-by-step instructions on how to turn on and use StickyKeys


The Mac OS includes an optional ' Control Panel ' called ' Easy Access ' . which you need to use ' Sticky Keys ' . If it is not installed on your computer it can be found on the Mac OS CD-Rom: under CD Extras: Universal Access: Easy Access.

If you do not have access to the Mac OS CD-Rom it is available on the web at:
Apple Macintosh Software Toolkit


  1. Click the ' Apple ' menu (no keyboard shortcut).
  2. From the ' Control Panels ' sub menu click on ' Easy Access'. which will bring up the ' Easy Access ' box as hown in Fig 1. ( (no keyboard shortcut).

Sticky keys in the Easy Access control panel
Fig 1

  1. Turn ' Sticky Keys ' on in the ' Easy Access ' control panel by clicking the ' On' radio button next to ' Sticky Keys: ' as shown in Fig 1 above or press the ' Shift ' key five times.
  2. When Sticky keys is on, a symbol appears in the top right of the menu bar. (see Fig 2) .

Sticky Keys symbol
Fig 2 - Sticky Keys symbol

  1. It changes when you press or lock a modifier key such as ' Ctrl ' , ' Alt ' or ' Apple '.

Fig 3 - a modifier key is pressed

  1. You can lock a modifier key by pressing it twice and unlock it by pressing it once.

Sticky Key is locked
Fig 4 - a modifier key is locked

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