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Leading creativity

Creativity is at the heart of what we do at the BBC. We strive to make programmes that are fresh and new, we develop technologies to engage viewers in new ways and we constantly re-explore and reinvent what we think is possible to produce, commission or collaborate on. Here you can find insights from the BBC Academy's Creative Leadership programme, to help you develop, lead and nurture ideas.

The key to successful pitching

BBC Production's creative director, Development, Ana De Moraes discusses building a relationship with the people you are pitching to

Fear of rejection

Cassian Harrison, channel editor at BBC Four, believes that people should not be afraid of rejection and that the best ideas are often the simplest

Making the most of your ideas

That lightbulb moment: tips from the BBC’s Creative Leadership Programme on how to be more creative, harness your best ideas and make that killer pitch

How to lead ideas

Coming up with the best ideas is a science, not an art, and breaking the creative process into stages can help with this

How to lead creative talent

Leaders are most effective when they can take definite action and set the right environment for creative teams and projects

What is creativity?

We believe that everyone is creative, and that learning about our working patterns and preferences can make us even more creative

Revitalising familiar territory

A new approach to filming allowed TV indie the Garden to revitalise familiar programme territory, says director of development Kate Collier

Jeopardy keeps people watching

BBC Production's creative director, Development, Ana De Moraes thinks that creating a sense of high stakes is central to getting people to engage with and watch TV programmes to the end

Ideas don’t always have to be new

It was reminiscing about favourite old programmes, not a light bulb moment, that led RDF’s Jack Bootle to come up with the format for TV show Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents