Freelancing for life

According to a survey by industry journal Broadcast, TV freelancers are feeling the strain more than ever. Nearly half say they can't see themselves staying in TV beyond ten years, and poor management appears to be to blame for many of the problems.

Joining Simon Smith in the CoP Show studio to discuss how the industry should address these problems and what freelancers can do to make a career in TV last for life are Susie Worster, Jude Winstanley and Hilary Rosen.

"TV is an industry that's in permanent revolution and that creates both stimulus and anxiety." – Hilary Rosen

Susie Worster is head of creative talent at Shed Media Group. With over 20 years in production behind her, Susie is now responsible for sourcing the best producer/directors, series producers and executives to the Shed Group, which includes companies Wall to Wall, Twenty Twenty, Ricochet and Shed Productions.

Jude Winstanley is a freelance production manager and managing director of The Unit List, a website that lists job vacancies within the TV industry. Jude has worked in television for 15 years and regularly contributes to industry workshops and debates around the country.

Hilary Rosen started her career in BBC news and current affairs and went on to become a senior executive producer at Lion Television, creative director at Silver River and worked in commissioning for UKTV. She has recently returned to the BBC to work with the BBC Academy's College of Production.