Profile: studio manager, Radio 4

Emma Harth is a radio studio manager. She works on a range of programmes across the BBC Audio and Music Factual department including Front Row and Woman's Hour for BBC Radio 4 and Outlook for the BBC World Service. In this film she is working on BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours.

Radio studio managers are responsible for maintaining the quality of the sound which is recorded and broadcast. They liaise with the production team, so have to combine good technical and interpersonal skills.

Radio studio managers oversee the running of the studios, handle all live output, and are also involved in editing pre-recorded packages, or mixing down pre-recorded shows.

"Communication really is the key." – Emma Harth

As the senior studio manager Emma takes care of the technical side of programme content. This involves mixing and monitoring sound from the studio mics as well as outside sources like telephone lines. She must also keep across the timing of the programme and ensure that it fits its scheduled transmission slot.

Emma advises anyone who is thinking of a career in studio management to get as much experience in sound and radio as possible, including volunteering on hospital or community radio.