Profile: 3rd assistant director, River City

Antony White is the 3rd assistant director (AD) on BBC Scotland drama production River City. We take a look at the role on the busy drama production.

The 3rd AD operates on set and acts as a line of communication between the 1st AD and 2nd AD, who is back at base with the director.

A 3rd's duties can include co-ordinating the movement and activities of extras and vehicles in the background of shots. They act as messengers on the set or location, and are regularly required to convey messages to cast or crew members, usually by radio link.

"If nothing stands out, then you know you've done your job." – Antony White

On River City, Antony has three lines of communication: the tech van, the 1st and 2nd ADs, and face to face. He has to stay tuned to those communication channels and set backgrounds at the same time. The backgrounds are used to create believable street scenes with Antony cueing and directing fast moving action, sometimes setting in place around 20 backgrounds in under a minute.